Jewish Pressure Group Wants to Dox Onion Writer for Satire

The Onion is a satirical publication. They make jokes.

This week, they retweeted a joke they’d made years ago about Israel killing Palestinians.

In a 2018 post entitled “IDF Soldier Recounts Harrowing, Heroic War Story Of Killing 8-Month-Old Child,” they joked that an Israeli Defense Force soldier was given a medal of honor for killing a child.

That is actually not too far from what is actually happening in the IDF. They kill a lot of children, and soldiers get a lot of various decadent awards for killing people who are effectively locked in open air prisons.

As we here at the Daily Stormer know all too well, the Jews don’t take kindly to joking around.

In response to The Onion’s tweet, the Jewish pressure group “” called for the writer of the article to be doxed, and publicly offered a reward. has a blue check, marking it as being endorsed by Twitter. (The blue check system was initially used to confirm a person or organization’s identity to help combat impersonation and parody, but when the checks became desirable, they began removing them from unpopular accounts, turning it into an endorsement system.)

Twitter’s rules section shows that these Jews violated two separate policies with that tweet:

  • “threatening to publicly expose someone’s private information”
  • “asking for or offering a bounty or financial reward in exchange for posting someone’s private information”

More than 48 hours later, the tweet is still up and no enforcement action has been taken against the account.

The account instead is allowed to continue to whine about Israel being made fun of for slaughtering all these people.

Since this most recent war started, Twitter, along with Facebook, have been caught censoring pro-Palestine and anti-Israel materials. Currently, there are too many people complaining about Israel attacking these people for the censors to delete it all, so it makes sense that Jews are trying to target and isolate individuals to be punished for questioning them.

Overall, this latest Jewish slaughter has less support than any other in history, as right and left alike appear to be simply exhausted by the behavior of the Jews. A mass censorship regime would be possible on social media, but it would breed serious resentment, as leftists are not really familiar with censorship yet.

Many Jewish groups much bigger than are arguing that now is the time for leftists to start becoming familiar with censorship.