Japan: Female Karate Olympian Claims Coach Bullied Her, Whacked Her with a Stick, Said Mean Things

The girl in question is the squinty-eyed one

By hook or by crook, feminism is coming to Japan.

Japs aren’t very gropey by nature, so they’re doing a lot of this “he was mean to me” stuff instead of the regular #metoo stuff.

Different method, same end goal.

Japan Today:

A Japanese karate champion who will compete at the Tokyo Olympics testified before an ethics commission Wednesday, alleging that a federation official hit her in the face with a bamboo sword.

Ayumi Uekusa, who will compete in the women’s over 61 kg kumite category as karate makes its Olympic debut this summer, said she was the victim of a bullying campaign by Masao Kagawa, the technical director of the Japan Karatedo Federation.

It is the latest “power harassment” scandal to hit Japanese sport, with the country’s wrestling federation apologizing to four-time Olympic champion Kaori Icho in 2018 over bullying claims.

Uekusa, a world champion in 2016, claimed in a blog post on Sunday that Kagawa began using a bamboo sword as part of her training, with the aim of forcing her to dodge his swings and thrusts.

But Uekusa says she and other athletes suffered bruised eyes after Kagawa hit them in the face with the sword while training without protective headgear. Kagawa has denied the allegations.

She also claimed Kagawa frequently shouted at her and admonished her about her private life, damaging her self-esteem and leaving her unable to train because of stress.

“Meeting my instructor became so tough, bursting into floods of tears on my way to the dojo became part of my daily life,” she wrote on her blog. “Training was such a stifling environment that I suffered mental stress, and there were times when I couldn’t go to training and just stayed at home.”

What it appears as an observer is that Jews went to Japan and studied the culture to determine how they could shoehorn feminism into the culture, and you’re now seeing the results of that: “he was mean and hit me with a stick.”

Feminism is hard in Asia for several reasons. Primarily, it is totally patriarchal. Secondarily, Asian women are naturally less out of control than white women, and so have needed to be repressed less. Europe and America had basically Islam-style rules, whereas Asia has never forced women to totally cover their bodies, or banned them from being in public, because they were less prone to outrageous whore behavior.

In some sense, there was more “equality” in Asia, historically, than in the West. Sex was treated differently, and women were always considered to be responsible for their own sexual decisions (whereas in the West, women are so stupid and out of control that it is considered impossible to hold them responsible for their choices).

Western feminism is the result of protestant puritanism, a sort of bizarro world version of it, but nonetheless, as we’ve done regularly on this site, you can draw its roots back to that. The core concept is that women are morally pure.

Furthermore, there is no reality in which you can convince Japanese women to get fat and then go on a nude rampage through the streets, making outrageous demands.

A man being “mean” to a girl is in general considered more believable than a rape or sexual harassment hoax. But it’s the same basic hoax, designed to corrupt and undermine the patriarchal order of society.

Japan is hard. Harder than the Moslems even. But they are being softened. You can watch it in real time.