Italy: Prosecutor Wants Bangladeshi Wife Beater Acquitted Because “It’s His Culture”

I have yet to receive an answer to the question “why are there Bangladeshis in Italy?”

It is part of his culture to beat women, and in fact, it was a part of everyone’s culture before a few years ago.

I have no problem with this guy beating his wife, and think everyone should beat their wives – brutally, if necessary.

However: why are there Bangladeshis in Italy? What is the point of this? Whose idea was it?


A Brescia prosecutor has sparked a furore by requesting that a case against a Bangladeshi man for allegedly mistreating his wife be shelved on the grounds that the abuse was the result of his “cultural system” and not the “will to crush or degrade the spouse”.

The request led to calls for Justice Minister Carlo Nordio to send in inspectors.

The Brescia prosecutor’s office on Tuesday distanced itself from the request, while stressing that the magistrate was independent in taking such decisions.

Brescia Prosecutor Francesco Prete said the office “repudiates any form of judicial relativism, does not admit justifications that do not belong to our laws and has always been extremely firm in pursuing violence… against women regardless of any cultural reference”.

I guess there are a lot of things that can be said about the fact that liberals who believe in vaginaism are bringing all of these hardcore patriarchists into white countries and then expecting them to accept vaginal values because… they are in a different geographical location.

It feels like all those points have been made enough times, however.

Diversity is why people go to Italy in the first place