Italy: Almost 7,000 Invaders Arrive in Lampedusa in a Single Day

Those are some really swarthy Syrian child refugees

That stupid bitch Meloni literally ran on the claim that she was going to stop immigration. Now, it’s at least 3-4 times higher than it was before she took over, and the bitch is going around talking about the Ukraine War.

This is democracy in its ideal form: you elect these people, and then they just do the opposite of what they told you they were going to do, and instead, do exactly what the people paying them tell them to do.

Why would anyone want to live under this system?

In “communist China,” the government can’t simply lie like this. No, you don’t get to vote, but they don’t do these horrible things to you either.

Voting has worse outcomes than not voting. When they tell you “pick your policies by choosing who to vote for,” and the person you vote for never does the policies, it is surely worse than not voting at all. It’s just a humiliation ritual.


The Mediterranean island of Lampedusa is a first point of arrival for people seeking asylum or looking to keep moving north to other European countries.

A flotilla of flimsy boats, crowded with migrants and launched from Tunisia, overwhelmed a tiny southern Italian island on Wednesday, taxing the coast guard’s capability to intercept the smugglers’ vessels and sorely testing Premier Giorgia Meloni’s pledge to thwart illegal migration.

Compounding the political pressure on Italy’s first far-right leader were vows by France and Germany to rebuff migrants who arrive by sea on Italian shores, and in defiance of European Union asylum system rules, head northward to try to find jobs or relatives in those and other northern countries on the continent.

Starting early on Tuesday, the unseaworthy, unstable iron boats came one after the other in what appeared to be almost a procession to onlookers on Lampedusa, a fishing and tourist island south of Sicily.

Some 6,800 migrants came in a span of just over 24 hours, a number that is a few hundred higher than the isle’s full-time population.

Provoking the surge in numbers was a bottleneck in Tunisia’s ports of several days caused by rough seas that meant the smugglers couldn’t launch their boats, according to Italian authorities.

With the island’s sole migrant residence having a capacity of about 450 beds, authorities scrambled to transfer the migrants via commercial ferries or a coast guard ship to Sicily, or Calabria in the southern toes of the Italian mainland.

Francesca Basile, a spokeswoman for the Italian Red Cross on Lampedusa, said they were making a “huge effort” to provide “basic services” for the 6,000 migrants at the centre on Lampedusa.

According to Italy’s Interior Ministry, over 120,000 migrants have arrived in Italy this year by sea, among them were over 11,000 unaccompanied minors.

There’s no way that’s a real number.

If we just add up the numbers in previous news reports, we’re going to get at least twice that number.

Meloni is the “bringer of vibrancy.”

Reminder: Meloni doesn’t mind invaders, so long as they have a specific piece of paper with them