It Begins: Eldritch Abominations Tell Humans in Rafah to Evacuate, Begin Bombing Houses

Jews be like


It appears to have begun.

Of course, they do not warn you before they attack.

The Jews agreed to evacuate, but they just start bombing and then say “yeah, you should probably evacuate your destroyed house.”

The Guardian:

Thousands of people are evacuating from Rafah, Gaza’s southernmost city, hours after the Israeli military told residents and displaced people in eastern neighbourhoods to leave in advance of a long-threatened attack on the city and its environs.

Witnesses described frightened families leaving the city on foot, riding donkeys or packed with their belongings into overloaded trucks on Monday. Overnight Israeli airstrikes had reinforced “panic and fear”, prompting more to heed the instructions to move.

“There is extreme tension in all areas of Rafah, including areas west of the city. Many have begun to think about evacuating, and many have already evacuated,” one witness said.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said they had dropped leaflets and were broadcasting instructions through “announcements, text messages, phone calls and media broadcasts in Arabic” telling residents to head to an “expanded humanitarian zone” on the coast.

“This is an evacuation plan to get people out of harm’s way,” an Israeli military spokesperson told reporters.

Rafah has been sheltering more than a million people displaced from elsewhere in Gaza during the seven-month war and is a key logistics base for humanitarian operations across the territory. Dense tent encampments surround the city, and have also already crowded al-Mawasi, the coastal zone about 3 miles north-east to which Israel has told people to evacuate.

On Monday, Yoav Gallant, Israel’s defence minister, said Hamas’s apparent refusal of the most recent proposal from mediators in the ongoing ceasefire talks meant “military action in Rafah was required”.

A senior Hamas official described the Israeli order for civilians to evacuate Rafah as a “dangerous escalation that will have consequences”.

The US administration, alongside the occupation, bears responsibility for this terrorism,” Sami Abu Zuhri told the Reuters news agency.

The IDF said the forthcoming operation was of “limited scope” and estimated it would need to move about 100,000 people.

Obviously, there is nowhere left to evacuate to.

In an act of cartoonish evil, the Jews completely shut down the Egypt border crossing over the weekend. (Note: Egypt today said the border was still open for aid. That’s not what was reported, but it is impossible to let more than a million people cross the border anyway.)

This is a second phase of mass slaughter. It’s going to be at least as bad as Gaza City. The Jews are going to bomb the refugee camps and just kill everyone.

I read that people who read online news, even if it is mainstream news, believe Israel is committing a genocide. The only people who don’t believe Israel is committing a genocide are people who only watch CNN and Fox News. But The Guardian and all other legacy media websites refuse to report on what is said in Hebrew.

Look at this top Jew:

“Kill, kill, kill” is the Jewish program.

Good Luck Stopping the Protests

The bill banning criticism of Israel on campuses that passed the House last week is being rushed through the Senate. I didn’t see any updates this morning (and I looked), but Chuck Schumer said he was going to move it to Biden’s desk as fast as possible.

It’s not 100% clear what the law will trigger, but most likely, universities will just be closed to all people in order to prevent the protests, because if they don’t prevent the protests, the federal government will cut their funding. There is no university in America that can be financially viable without federal funding.

There will be a big scene as the cops brutalize more students. But the protests will have to move somewhere. You are not going to be able to stop all protests with everyone looking at a fresh new batch of slaughter videos out of Rafah.

The cops will chase the protesters wherever they go, and keep beating them. The cops will eventually start shooting people.

As the Americans set the whole world on fire, America is unraveling internally.