Israel: Officers Raid Al Jazeera Office After Government’s Shutdown Order

There has been no real evidence that the Jews are turning against Bibi in significant numbers.

Banning Al Jazeera could be evidence of that, but it’s more likely that they just don’t want Al Jazeera reporting on what they are doing.


Israeli authorities raided a Jerusalem hotel room used by Al Jazeera as its office after the government decided to shut down the Qatari-owned TV station’s local operations on Sunday, an Israeli official and an Al Jazeera source told Reuters.

Video circulated online showed plainclothes officers dismantling camera equipment in a hotel room, which the Al Jazeera source said was in East Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s cabinet shut down the network for as long as the war in Gaza continues, saying it threatened national security.

Al Jazeera said the move was a “criminal action” and the accusation that the network threatened Israeli security was a “dangerous and ridiculous lie” that put its journalists at risk.

It reserved the right to “pursue every legal step”.

The network has criticised Israel’s military operation in Gaza, from where it has reported throughout the war.

“The incitement channel Al Jazeera will be closed in Israel,” Netanyahu posted on social media following a unanimous cabinet vote.

A government statement said Israel’s communications minister signed orders to “act immediately”, but at least one lawmaker who supported the closure said Al Jazeera could still try to block it in court.

The measure, the statement said, includes closing Al Jazeera’s offices in Israel, confiscating broadcast equipment, cutting off the channel from cable and satellite companies and blocking its websites. It did not mention Al Jazeera’s Gaza operations.

I’m not going to do the “not a democracy” thing.

It is a democracy. Israel is definitely a democracy. They say “it’s the only democracy in the Middle East” – it’s more likely the only democracy in the world.

“Democracy” in practice means “our values,” which means various different things to different people. Tucker Carlson will say a democracy has to have free speech. Most people say a democracy has to have gay anal. In Israel, democracy means “the popular will expressed through voting.” Israel is not liberal and it is not pluralistic, but in terms of “people voting for things and then the government doing the things people vote for,” Israel is really the only country where that happens.

I guess you could say Russia or other countries that are called “dictatorships” are actually functional “democracies” in terms of people voting for things.

Anyway – “democracy” is a meaningless term. It’s probably better to just say “Israel is a country where people vote for things and then the government does those things.”

If Bibi was ever to resign, the next guy would be worse.