Israel: At Least 44 Dead and 150 Injured in Stampede During Satanic Festival

Maybe someone mooned them?

That’s historically been the Jews’ second biggest weakness, right after fake shower rooms filled with bug spray.

Sputnik News:

At least 44 people were killed and over 150 injured in a stampede on Friday during a pilgrimage to Mount Meron, ninorthern Israel, on the occasion of Lag BaOmer, a Jewish holiday marking the death of a major 2nd century tannaitic sage. Most of the victims are believed to be victims of Israel’s Orthodox Jewish community.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has declared Sunday a national day of morning following Friday’s deadly stampede, and called the incident “one of the worst disasters” in Israeli history.

“The Mount Meron catastrophe is one of the worse to ever befall the State of Israel. I ask for Sunday to be declared a national day of mourning,” Netanyahu said in a video address published on his Twitter page Friday afternoon.

The prime minister arrived at the scene of the disaster area earlier Friday to assess the damage, and expressed condolences to victims and their families. “There were heartbreaking sights here, people crushed to death, including children,” he tweeted. He added that authorities were still working to identify the victims, and asking people to avoid spreading rumours on social media to avoid any additional worry for those with family members who took part in the religious pilgrimage gone horribly wrong.

Netanyahu went on to praise the rapid rescue response by police, rescue and security services, saying “they prevented a much bigger disaster.” He promised to conduct a “thorough, serious and in-depth investigation” to prevent such a tragedy from recurring.

Online, some Israelis have called for Netanyahu’s resignation in connection with the tragedy, suggesting the stampede could have been prevented if the government ordered the Orthodox community to follow the same coronavirus-related health guidelines in place for everyone else and prohibited mass gatherings. Some also accused the government of permitting too many people at the festival for ‘political reasons’. The government has yet to respond to the allegations.

Jews are gross people, and they are always doing these weird satanic rituals. It’s a wonder more of them do not die this way.