Ireland, Spain, And Others Close to Formally Recognizing Palestinian State

The leaders in Ireland might be a bunch of homos, but they have to do some things to placate the Irish people, who are getting really pissed off.

The Spanish are alright too.

Frankly, Russia is sort of right when they talk about “the Anglo-Saxons.” The Anglo-Saxons are the only people who just do whatever the Jews tell them to do.


Ireland is close to formally recognising a Palestinian state and would like to do so in concert with Spain and other like-minded countries, new prime minister Simon Harris said on Friday after meeting his Spanish counterpart.

Spain and Ireland, long champions of Palestinian rights, last month announced alongside Malta and Slovenia that they would jointly work toward the recognition of a Palestinian state. The efforts come as a mounting death toll in Gaza from Israel’s offensive to rout out Hamas prompts calls globally for a ceasefire and lasting solution for peace in the region.

Ireland’s Simon Harris and Spain’s Pedro Sanchez.

“Let me this evening say our assessment is that that point is coming much closer and we would like to move together in doing so,” Harris said after meeting Sanchez, the first premier to visit Dublin since Harris became prime minister this week.

“When we move forward, we would like to do so with as many others as possible to lend weight to the decision and to send the strongest message. The people of Israel deserve a secure and peaceful future, so do the people of Palestine. Equal sovereignty, equal respect.”

Israel told the four EU countries that committed to moving towards Palestinian recognition that their initiative would amount to a “prize for terrorism” that would reduce the chances of a negotiated resolution to the generations-old conflict.

What is the argument against a Palestinian state?

Obviously, Joe Biden isn’t going to explain that.

But shouldn’t Olaf Scholz be forced to explain that?

Germany is providing 30% of the weapons to the Jews to kill children.

What is the explanation for this?

Rapes on October 7th? Decapitated babies?

All that stuff is a hoax.

The Jews have murdered 35,000 innocent people, and hundreds of thousands are now on the brink of starving to death.

Someone needs to explain what the hell is going on.

This is the worst atrocity in history.