Iran Sends Two Women Journalists to Prison for “Conspiracy and Collusion”

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Basically they’re just not gonna have freedom (the women!!). I know… UGH I know… I’m sorry it’s just that they’re not gonna have it is all HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

The Guardian:

Two female Iranian journalists will spend about a month in prison as part of a three-year partly suspended sentence for “conspiracy” and “collusion”, local media reported on Sunday.

Negin Bagheri and Elnaz Mohammadi will serve one-fortieth of the term, or less than a month, in prison, their lawyer, Amir Raisian, told the reformist Ham Mihan daily newspaper, where Mohammadi works.

“The remaining period is suspended over five years,” during which time they will be required to take “professional ethics training” and be “prohibited from leaving the country”, the lawyer added.

Raisian did not elaborate on whether the verdict could be appealed against, and the report did not detail the allegations against the reporters.

Mohammadi’s sister, Elaheh, who also works for Ham Mihan, has been in prison since September after reporting on the funeral of Mahsa Amini, 22, who died in police custody.

Bagheri works for the unaffiliated Haft-e Sobh newspaper.

Elnaz Mohammadi was arrested and kept in Evin prison for a week in February. The reason for her detention was not clear.

If only America was a country with basic morality like Iran.

Can you imagine what we would accomplish?

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I’m a Christian and I believe in Jesus.

But we all must admit: while Christians have lost the plot, and don’t even appear to believe in their own religion – or actually admit they don’t believe in their own religion – Moslems are holding down the fort and supporting what used to be considered “Christian values.”

Racists don’t understand.

I am, personally, actually a racist. In fact.


That having been said.

I prefer any race that is against women to races that support women.