Indianapolis: Black Elementary School Teacher Running “Fight Club” Among Students

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New York Post:

An Indianapolis elementary school teacher allegedly orchestrated a “fight club-style” punishment between classmates including a 7-year-old special needs student, disturbing video showed.

The child’s mother filed a lawsuit in Marion County against George Washington Carver School and teacher Julious Johnican alleging that the teacher condoned other students to duke it out in the classroom on multiple occasions, according to a lawsuit obtained by Fox 59.

Julious Johnican

The unnamed mother, whose son deals with “disabilities, including sensory sensitivities, an executive function disorder, and probable learning disabilities,” had first warned her about the “fight club-style” discipline in his classroom at the beginning of the school year.

However, when his mother inquired about the disturbing allegations, the school administrators ignored her son’s claims for months.

She claimed Johnican mistakenly revealed footage on his phone of her son being attacked during a parent-teacher conference on Nov. 1.

The teacher had meant to show a video demonstrating the safety of his classroom environment after concerns were raised, but accidentally began playing audio of one of the attacks, according to the outlet.

In the horrifying video, a suspected classmate is seen throwing repeated punches at her defenseless son while shouting, “Don’t mess with me.”

Then, his teacher is heard shouting, “That’s right. You get him,” to her son’s attacker.

Toward the end of the short clip, the attacking boy tells the teacher, “I’m gonna get him again.”

Johnican, still filming, replied, “I know you want to get him when he does things.”

Johnican, a substitute teacher, several administrators, and the district itself have all been named in the lawsuit, as the woman claimed they failed to keep her son safe and administrators ignored his allegations.

The lawsuit claimed Johnican “encouraged” and “instigated” a “reprehensible ‘fight club’ type of discipline within his classroom over three months,” according to Fox 59.

The lawsuit also alleged that the teacher had held him down on at least two occasions while other students attacked him.

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