Illegal Migrant Family Border Crossings Now at All-Time High

The easiest way to reduce illegal immigration is to give illegal immigrants legal status.

This is known as “the black crime model,” based on the fact that scientists were able to discover that the easiest way to cut down on racist cops arresting black people was to legalize black crime.

New York Post:

Record numbers of migrant families crossed the US-Mexico border in August, a bombshell new report said this week after The Post revealed that US officials have inexplicably welded open more than 100 gates along the Arizona border.

US Border Patrol officials arrested at least 91,000 migrants who crossed the border as part of a family group, according to preliminary data obtained by the Washington Post – beating the previous one-month record of 84,486 migrant families arrested in May 2019, under the Trump administration.

Migrant families accounted for the largest demographic group crossing the border in August, surpassing single adults for the first time since President Biden took office in 2020.

The August tally brings the number of “family member units” surrendering at the border over the fiscal year to more than half a million people, another record.

Officials also saw a marked increase in the number of unaccompanied minors crossing into the country.

The latest Customs and Border Protection data shows that more than 54,000 migrants were processed in August at the US border, where the Biden administration is allowing up to 1,450 migrants each day to schedule an appointment to enter the country legally using a mobile app.

That increased the total number of migrants encountered by CBP agents at the southern border in August to about 230,000 – the highest one-month total of 2023.

Overall, border arrests rose more than 30% from July through August, after falling sharply in May and June, when the Biden administration rolled out new migration restrictions.

But Heeter said that the government also ramped up deportation flights carrying families in August, and since May has repatriated more than 17,000 parents and children.

She said the Biden administration is trying to slow the number of illegal entries by expanding lawful immigration and increasing the penalties for border crossings.

One such program accepts nearly 30,000 applicants each month from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela who obtain authorization to live and work in the United States for two years if they have a financial sponsor and clear background checks.

The program, known as parole, allows the migrants to fly into the country rather than cross at the border.

Since it was enacted two years ago, illegal crossings from those countries have decreased as at least 541,000 entered the country under the program, according to CBS News.

But at the same time, there have been major increases in migration from Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador, Peru and a slew of Asian and African countries.


If you just pay to fly them in, they won’t walk across the border.

People would rather take an airplane than walk for hundreds of miles and then swim across a river.

It’s a genius strategy.

Of course, it’s neither here nor there. The total numbers will be the same regardless.

Every person who shows up at the border is being let in.

These numbers are obviously fake. Most of those crossing do not even come in contact with Border Patrol. It’s also almost certain that the numbers of those who do come in contact with BP are being fudged.

People are talking about wars and viruses, but we are witnessing the biggest population transfer in all of history.