Humanoid Soyman Opens Hobo Pool in Portland – Gets Stabbed There the Next Day

Tyson L. Morlock. An ironic name, considering he’s clearly an Eloi.

When I was 16, I tried to do a kindness, and learned that the assumption that homeless people are homeless because of something unfair was an obvious lie. Homeless people are homeless because they are human garbage. It was a lesson I only had to learn once.

From there, I was able to grasp the fact, throughout life, that everyone is responsible for their own life, and if they blame it on someone else, it is because they are pathetic.

Communist ideas are only believable if you are totally and completely disconnected from basic, obvious realities. Generally, people use communist ideology to justify personal failure.

Law Enforcement Today:

According to authorities, a man who put together a pop-up swimming pool to help keep the homeless cool during the recent 100-degree plus heat wave, has been fatally stabbed in the same spot just one day after putting up the pool.

The Portland Tribune reported that officers have identified Tyson L. Morlock as the individual who was found stabbed to death.

Morlock was found in the inner east side Hosford-Abernethy neighborhood at Division Street and Southeast Martine Luther King Jr. Boulevard around 3:37 a.m. on Thursday, July 1st. Morlock was transported to a nearby hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The Oregon State Medical Examiner conducted an autopsy and determined that Morlock died from a stab wound. His death has been ruled a homicide.

Just one day earlier, on June 30th, 27-year-old Morlock had been interviewed by a freelance journalist on assignment for Reuters media outlet. The reporter, Sergio Olmos, had tweeted:

“Climate change and inequality: Tyson Morlock hooked up a pool to a fire hydrant under an overpass in Portland where temperatures reached 116 degrees Fahrenheit.”

The tweet then added a quote from Morlock:

“There’s not a lot of places you can go in the community where you can be safe.”


He was right about that.

Reportedly, Morlock hooked up the pop-up pool to a fire hydrant at the Division Street underpass of Highway 99E. Olmos said:

“Morlock said he ‘tried to steak’ a slurpee from 7-Eleven this weekend, but the clerk wouldn’t let him. He’s like ‘just take it man, it’s hot outside’”

KOIN 6 News reported that nearly 100 people in Oregon have died in the heat and that the impact on the homeless community is still unknown. The pop-up pool that Morlock setup is now deflated, but while it was up it was full of water and campers trying to stay cool in the record heat.

Patrick, who also goes by the name Ninja, told reporters that a camper from another spot gave them the pool. He said:

“We set up some rules that you’d find at your typical public pool. No weapons, no drugs, no smoking, no violence, keep your problems away from here.”

Patrick added that he was grateful for the pop-up pool:

“It definitely is a blessing when it’s 107 degrees out. I’ve had heat stroke before and I don’t want to ever get it again.”

In Multnomah County alone, the medical examiner reported at least 59 people died from the excessive heat. Multnomah County Communications Director Julie Sullivan-Springhetti said that out of the 59 people, it is not yet known how many of them were homeless. She said:

“The overwhelming majority died in their homes, but at this stage we are not able to release the exact number of people experiencing homelessness because of missing information.”

Homicide detectives said that the person who stabbed Morlock remained at the scene and was interviewed. They stated:

“He has not been charged at this time and we are not releasing his name.”

I’m surprised he got stabbed even though they specifically said violence and weapons aren’t allowed…

No, wait, this is Portland!

They probably just made some rules without even trying to actually enforce them, because enforcing them would be fascism.

Rules are just like a dad – and daddy was a very bad man!

(Seriously, if you ever meet a man promoting communism, ask him about his father. The reason you have all these soy men running around is that the manic wave of single motherhood has separated men from their fathers and turned them against them. They then have the spirit of a woman – their mother – inside of them.)