Houston Police Worry About Large Number of Murderers Walking the Streets

Just when you think you’ve reached the utopian ideal of harmonious multiracialism, some racist from the cops starts talking about how there are murderers everywhere.

Okay, racist.

Did you ever think they became murderers because of RACISM?

New York Post:

Leaders of the Houston Police Officers’ Union are sounding the alarm on the city’s safety as criminal suspects walk the streets on bond while the police department battles officer shortages.

I have never in my lifetime – and I’m a lifelong Houstonian – seen this many suspected murderers and capital murderers who are walking the streets of Houston out on multiple bonds,” the union’s executive director Ray Hunt told Fox News Digital.


I would not let my wife or my kids walk down the streets of Houston at midnight under any circumstances,” he continued. “It is not safe in major cities in 2024, and it’s not safe here.”

The warning comes as the Houston Police Department continues to struggle with recruiting and retaining officers, an issue plaguing departments across the nation.

“We’re in a perfect storm right now,” President Douglas Griffith said. “We had the George Floyd effect come down. We can’t hire. We can’t retain our officers. The people are leaving left and right.”

Yeah, well, maybe that’s because you’re gay?

You can’t blame niggers this time, pig.

“Who in the heck wants to be a police officer in 2024?” Hunt asked, “when every single thing that they’re doing is going to be second-guessed by their body-worn camera that someone can watch three or four times to determine whether or not that officer made the right split-second decision. I don’t know who would want to do that. I could not encourage any of my family to come be a police officer in 2024 with the situation that’s going on.”

According to Griffith, the Houston City Council was made aware of department shortages a decade ago, after a 2014 Sam Houston State University report revealed a shortage of 1,500 officers in the city.

When it comes to cops vs. murderers, I’m going to have to side with the murderers.

At least murderers have a code of honor or whatever.