Here’s the Debate, If You Want to Watch It

If Brett Baier’s plastic surgery is intended to make him look like a halfling rogue, then I’d say it’s working well. If this guy rolls up to me in Rivington asking for help finding his missing boots, I’m drawing my weapon.

Here’s the GOP debate.

I might watch it later. I don’t know. I just woke up and I’m thinking of going back to sleep.

Anyway, here is also Tucker Carlson’s interview with Donald Trump, which was simulcast on Twitter while the debate was happening.

Elon Musk has managed to totally destroy his stated free speech agenda through mass bannings. He’s managed to change the name of the company to a letter from the alphabet. But he’s not managed to figure out live video streaming, so the interview is prerecorded, which certainly killed a lot of the hype. If it would have been a one-to-one choice of watching Trump live or the debate live, Trump possibly could have won.

If we had people under the age of 50 making any of these decisions, Trump could have done a “watch party” of the debate, and live-reacted to it.

But hey – at time of writing, the video claims to have 125 million views, which would mean it beat the debate.

I don’t know that I actually believe that number. Despite Elon “Pass Me Another Jelly Roll, Ari” Musk’s claim that he would make Twitter transparent, it is still a black box, and 125m is hard for me to believe.



Anyway, I might watch the debate, I might watch the Trump interview, I probably won’t watch either and will just read the highlights.

From just taking a quick look, it seems that, as predicted, Vivek stole the show and acted on behalf of Donald Trump.

This is the only clip anyone is posting.

It’s good.

I like him.

Vivek can’t beat Trump, and he’s not going to appeal to anyone who is anti-Trump. He’s appealing to high IQ Trump supporters (and maybe some independents who are not committed to anything). But the fact is, his best strategy is to be Trump’s hatchet man.

I hope he also smashed in DeSantis’ fat face like he did Chris Christie’s, but I think if that happened, a cursory glance would have pulled up the clip.

This is the only viral clip of DeSantis.

That… might be my new favorite thing ever.

This was Vivek’s opening statement.

… and his closing statement.

Regrettably, I am obligated to mention that when he says he is “following his faith in god,” he is talking about a talking elephant with four arms who reads Mein Kampf.

But yeah, whatever.

As I’ve said many times over the past years, I don’t really even care about being ruled over by some foreign group, as long as it’s not the Jews. Obviously, whites would be ideal, but where is the white version of Vivek? The very best of the white millennials are wasted losers who do nothing but sit around and play Baldur’s Gate 3 for 12 hours a day while drinking White Monster and vaping.

Here’s the final truth: the white version of Vivek is Pete Buttigieg. That’s just the reality you’re going to have to live with. If Indians want to steal control from the Jews while whites sniff pussy or shoot fentanyl while celebrating whiny songs about how it’s not fair that they’re poor, then I’ll be the first in line to welcome our new Indian overlords.

I’m not praying to that four-armed elephant though. Even if he is based and redpilled on the Hitler question.


Looks like there was some Indian-on-Indian violence over the funding of an endless war in the Ukraine, where Nimrata Randhawa kept saying “Israel” over and over.

Imagine that there are human beings – millions of them – who agree with Nikki Haley that war feels good because we’re the good guys because of the Holocaust of God’s Chosen Ones. Imagine preferring canned gibberish to simple logic.

I might have to watch this whole thing.

Man, it’s weird our country is on the verge of being run by Indians. This is literally the new elite.