Germany: More Kindergartens Doing or Considering “Sexual Exploration Rooms”

They stopped this in Hanover, but other parts of Germany are more “liberal” on the matter

You thought it wasn’t real.

You thought they weren’t really stripping down toddlers and telling them to jack each other off.


Fox News:

Several daycare centers in Germany are reportedly considering or have already implemented “sexual exploration rooms” where children can engage in sexual games and discover what they find pleasurable.

According to several reports, two nurseries in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia have discussed plans to promote safe spaces where young children can explore masturbation.

When asked for comment by the German newspaper Die Welt, the North Rhine-Westphalia children’s ministry, headed by Green Josephine Paul, said the “sexual behavior by children” could not be “prevented” and said they had no intention of contacting the daycare centers.

“Where men give birth and ‘man and woman’ is taboo” reads the title of the article from Die Welt, while also showing these handpuppets that are used for “education”

Die Welt reported that one daycare in Kerpen offers children the “freedom to try out childish sexuality.” The daycare also said that sexual self-pleasure on its property is of “great importance,” insisting that “masturbation is normal.”

The website REMIX noted that another daycare in Germany, found in the town of Rheinberg, facilitates “doctor games” where children are urged to peruse other students’ bodies. The nursery allegedly encouraged kids to choose a specific student whose body they wished to explore “carefully” but warned them “no objects are to be introduced into body orifices.”

Pro Familia, Germany’s leading professional association on sexuality and partnership, initially issued recommendations that daycares set up “body exploration rooms” and “sexual games” for kids in July, REDUXX initially reported.

Parents voiced concerns about the “exploration rooms” in June when the news outlet BILD published an email from an Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) daycare center in the Hanover region of Germany.

The email, sent to parents, showed ten rules detailing how children in the rooms would be encouraged to “pet and examine” themselves and other young students.

The list of rules, as shown on Reduxx

“All children, especially preschoolers, are aware of the places in the facility where nudity and body exploration can take place. Each child decides for themselves whether and with whom they want to play physical and sexual games. Girls and boys pet and examine each other only as much as is comfortable for themselves and other children,” the guidance read in part.

Yeah, so – it’s “sexual consent” for toddlers.

Meanwhile, there are nonstop news stories about how it is “rape” when a teenager has sex with someone over 18.

It’s a utopia, you see.