Germany: Mayor of Berlin Illegally Ordered Raid on Home of Woman for Posting Meme of Him on Facebook

Politicians sending the cops to people’s homes over personal vendettas is becoming normalized across the Western world.

This is not a sign of increasing freedom, obviously, but it’s also not a sign of the increasing “democracy” they claim to be bringing us.

Tranny Watch has always opposed democracy on principle, but what we have now does not in any way resemble the democracy system that we were sold in the 1890s or the 1950s. What we are experiencing is total cronyism and corruption.


Opposition politicians have questioned whether Berlin’s Social Democrat (SPD) Mayor Michael Müller abused his power after he triggered a police operation and search of the home of a woman who had criticised him on social media in actions later deemed unlawful.

The case began on April 14th, 2019, when a Facebook user named “Karina Fitzi” posted a doctored image of Müller that indicated he wanted to bring all the migrants picked up by NGO “rescue” transports to Berlin.

Despite there woman not having even created the photo, Müller contacted Berlin’s Chief Prosecutor Jörg Raupach and demanded action be taken against the user in a note that has only recently become public, the tabloid B.Z. reports.

After determining the true identity of the person behind the Facebook account, a district judge issued a search warrant. Police conducted a 6 a.m. raid on the woman’s home in February 2020, waking her, and confiscated two tablets and two mobile phones. The woman said that since that day, she had suffered from a sleep disorder.

In October, a court ruled that the search of the apartment and the seizure of the electronics had been unlawful.

The case became public last week after an article was published by the newspaper Die Welt and has seen local politicians question if Müller had abused his power.

Holger Krestel, spokesman for the Free Democratic Party (FDP) parliamentary group on legal policy, commented on the case, saying: “It seems that Michael Müller has used his position as mayor to directly initiate investigations with the head of the Berlin public prosecutor’s office, bypassing the normal procedural route.”

The German government has made it a priority to tackle so-called “hate speech” on social media platforms for several years, introducing a bill in late 2019 that forced Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to hand over any personal information, including passwords, of those accused of engaging in hate speech. The bill was approved in February of last year.

House raids over allegations of “hate speech” are also necessarily uncommon in Germany. In June 2017, 36 homes were raided in a single operation. Just one year before, the homes of 60 people were raided.

The original meme seems to have been cleansed from the internet.

Furthermore, despite the outrageousness of this story, it appears to only be Breitbart reporting on it in English.

A very similar thing happened last month with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She made some very weird statements about the Israel-Palestine conflict, clearly shilling for Israel, and actually just not really making any sense at all.

An anonymous Twitter account posted the clip of her babbling and said her statements were “incredibly underwhelming.”

This resulted in the police showing up to the guy’s house in California and accusing him of threatening to murder AOC.

They told him that they were sent by the Capitol police.

So, AOC called the Capitol Police on someone who made fun of her on the internet, and then apparently Twitter sold the guy out (he probably used his real name and email address) and the Capitol Police sent the local California Highway Patrol to harass him at his house.

This is just totally absurd corruption and disrespect for the basic rule of law. It is decadent and audacious.

It is impossible that any society can maintain this kind of elite control of the police forces while also promoting the claim of democracy and equality for very long. In the Soviet Union, they were very straightforward about rooting out traitors to the revolution, and were able to stir up mobs to support their agenda.

Do you think AOC can stir up a mob to hunt down people who question why she refuses to offer a serious resistance to Israel?

Can Mayor Michael Müller stir up a mob to hunt down anyone who makes fun of him on the internet?

The answer is “no.” You cannot combine this kind of elitism with the Marxist mob mentality. It is lunacy that these people are trying.

Apparently, they expect everyone to be dead or incapacitated by the vaxx.