Germany: Judge Offers African Rape Gang Suspended Sentences If They Admit to Gang Rape

Of course, a slut is a slut.

But the law is also the law, and in Germany, the law is that you’re not allowed to do a gang-bang on a drunk 17-year-old.

Africans are above the law.

Free West Media:

The offer of a judge at the Berlin Regional Court caused outrage on Wednesday. The background is a lawsuit concerning the gang rape of a defenceless 17 year old and the production of underaged pornographic material “that reflect an actual event”.

According to the Berliner Zeitung (BZ) the judge has offered the five defendants a suspended sentence in the event of a confession.

In October 2019, according to the newspaper, a party was held in a luxury suite in the Hotel Westin Grand in Berlin. The men born in Germany with African roots (Nigeria, Togo, Cameroon, Sierra Leone) are said to have raped a 17-year-old very drunk girl.

The men between the ages of 20 and 21 filmed themselves, according to the prosecution. The recordings were secured as evidence, as was the DNA material of three of the alleged perpetrators.

In the case of confessions, suspended sentences may be possible, without the threat of jail, according to the judge. The defendants have all refused and therefore, the traumatized victim will have to testify soon.

The videos of the rape were played on a big screen in the court room. The girl is seen lying there as if in a coma. A friend had left the girl alone at the time and pounded in vain with her fists on the closed door while her friend was being raped inside. The friend then ran to the hotel reception and the police was alerted.

The friend of the raped girl was called as a witness. According to the BZ , the friend – fearing for her life – would initially not attend the proceedings. For that reason she had faced a fine of 150 euros or six days in prison. Due to the threat, she appeared only on the next day of the trial for which judgment has been reserved for July 2.

She didn’t even do anything (other than fraternize with the blacks) and she’s being punished by the state…!

The state is putting the “rights” of invasive African savages above the rights of their own citizens.

The alleged crime scene was not a dark corner in a suburban ghetto, but a suite in the Berlin luxury hotel at the corner of Friedrichstrasse, in the city centre. And the suspects come from well-to-do families. The BZ described them as follows: “Five men from the African community in the dock. All born in Germany, all from good families. Million A. (20) is German-Nigerian. Oluwatobi Az. (20) German Sierra Leone. Jermaine G. (20) German-Togoer. Tita N. (21) German-Cameroonian. Jermaine Az. (20) does not have a second nationality.”

Although the newspaper chose to include “German” in their description of the Africans, many Germans would disagree.

Except for the BZ, no German newspaper, let alone television or radio, has reported on this scandal so far.

The deputy party chairman of the AfD, Beatrix von Storch, reacted with disbelief to the judge’s offer. “And then we wonder if they don’t take our legal system seriously?”

If these were Germans denying the Nazi masturbation machines, do you think they would’ve been offered a suspended sentence?

Not even the blacks themselves are allowed to deny the six million Jewish boys masturbated to death by Adolf Hitler.