Germany: Government Now Allowing Afghan Rapefugees to Bring Over Their Second Wives

It’s well established at this point that homosexuality trumps Islam. There was some confusion about that, when back in maybe 2015, Antifa in Sweden attacked a group of gays for trying to do an anal march through an Islamic neighborhood. But we now understand that Anal is above Allah.

What is still up for debate is feminism v. Islam.

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We do not know. None of this is ever made clear, and the ideology is not coherent enough that you can really draw conclusions about it without the Jews telling you what is what.

Of course, in this situation, you’re talking about traitors to Allah who fought against the Taliban and were supported by the kikes. It’s a complex dynamic.


Afghan nationals who worked with the German army during the military operation in the country have had requests to bring their second wives and children to Germany approved, a move that is posing complex legal problems.

Afghan employees of the Bundeswehr were granted visas to reside in Germany following the military withdrawal from Afghanistan, and family reunification laws enabled the employees to bring their spouses and children with them.

However, the German newspaper Westfalenpost reported that in at least two known instances, subsequent reunification requests were approved to bring further spouses and children. This was confirmed by the local immigration office in the Hochsauerland district.

In one instance, the husband is living with one wife and three children while the second wife lives in a separate apartment nearby with another seven children.

Another husband is understood to be living with both his wives and nine shared children.

Germany’s current government is trying to bring as many browns to Germany as possible before they lose the next elections

While polygamy is illegal in Germany, there are extenuating circumstances if the marriages have been concluded in compliance with foreign laws. The practice is widely accepted in a number of Islamic countries; however, it still creates certain legal problems in relation to citizenship. Specifically, one of the former Bundeswehr employee’s children was born in Germany but has been unable to obtain a German birth certificate because her parents’ marriage is not recognized in Germany.

Germany issued an increased number of visas last year for the purpose of reuniting spouses of foreign nationals. A total of 71,129 visas were granted; Indians and Turks received the highest number of approved requests with 8,930 and 8,778 cases, respectively.

The figure could have been much higher had 13,607 people hoping to join their spouses not failed to pass the language requirement test.

Germany has bucked the recent European trend towards more restrictive immigration measures with its liberal coalition government instead opting to attract more migrant workers.

Monika Schnitzer, who heads the influential German government’s Council of Experts, told the Süddeutsche Zeitung in July that new arrivals didn’t even need to speak German as she called for mass immigration to hit 1.5 million a year.

Germans don’t appear to be making very good decisions.

Personally, I’d rather live in Afghanistan.

This place looks a lot nicer than what Berlin’s gonna be like in 10 years