Germany: Government Introduces Mandatory Corona Testing for All Air Travelers Except Illegal Aliens

You thought a deadly flu would be enough to stop diversity?

At the beginning of the virus hoax, there were people on the right saying “maybe the lockdowns will stop diversity?”

Our response was: “mate, have you gone mental?”

The system is under no obligation to be consistent. With anything. Ever.

When an agenda appears to conflict with another agenda, logically, they will simply create policies that do not make logical sense.

Free West Media:

The German federal government has introduced a mandatory PCR test for all air travellers. But not for everyone, as various sources from the Federal Ministry of the Interior have confirmed. Illegal immigration to Germany, which has been going on for a long time via Greek airports, is not affected by this mandatory test.

Germans face travel bans in their own country, with overnight stays, and even private and family meetings in their own apartments not allowed. Now the mainstream is declaring millions more people in their own country to be the new enemies: First protesters who take to the streets for the basic rights of all citizens, who have been defamed as “Covidiotes”, followed by vaccine skeptics who have been declared “anti-vaxxers”. The latest species on the hit list are vacationers: families, children, married people and singles who are trying to escape the Corona madness.

The PCR test obligation is mainly intended to deter and turn every vacation trip into a bureaucratic disaster with unforeseen costs, penalties for arbitrary Corona rules and forced quarantine.

While official figures from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (Bamf), confirmed that more than a third of asylum seekers now reach Germany by plane, research into the Federal Ministry of the Interior showed that no regulation had been issued regulating compliance with the PCR test requirement for migrant flights from Greece.

And this is despite the fact that Greek airports have developed into a hub for the flow of migrants and human traffickers. According to information provided to Stefan Schubert by the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) and according to the documents examined, Thessaloniki Airport in particular has developed into a hotspot for illegal migration.

The left has an agenda, and leftists who support the left support the leftist agenda. They do not care about logical consistency.

I’ve seen right-wingers claiming that the right-wing should support the global warming hoax, because that will show that we need to depopulate, and if we accept a need to depopulate, people will turn against the African breeders.

Well, the total majority of the wankers running about already believe in the global warming hoax, and they’re not saying to stop the African breeders, so what effect are you going to have going out there and supporting the carbon hoax?


Furthermore, endorsing leftist policy to try to outsmart the left doesn’t only make you a weasel, it makes you a liar. Global warming is a hoax, and if you support it, you are stupid, or a liar.

There is no place where you can support any part of this agenda and have it benefit you.

Look at the moron Ted Cruz.


This is the same thing that happened to evangelical Christians when they supported feminism, the same thing that happened to the Republicans when they supported the white racism hoax – they get zero benefit. All benefit goes to the enemy.

Frankly, it’s the same thing with Tucker Carlson going out there and saying that Martin Luther King Jr. would be against anti-white racism. I don’t really think that is even true – King said whatever his Jewish scriptwriters told him to say while he was having drunken sex orgies with prostitutes – but it wouldn’t matter if it were true, because these people simply do not care about logical contradictions. You are never going to entrap them in their own logic. If they cared about logic, they would not be leftist lunatics in the first place!

Stop doing this!