Germany: Famous Actress Fired After Refusing Experimental Vaccine

No one is going to be allowed to escape the vaxx without paying a price.

Free West Media:

The TV star Eva Herzig, a household name in German-speaking countries, has refused to be vaccinated. The production company reacted by terminating her contract, citing a “duty of care” towards their employees.

The film and theater actress Eva Herzig, who is well-known for the ARD crime series Steirerkrimi, does not want to be vaccinated – and now she has lost her job because she refused. ARD is the abbreviation for the working group of public broadcasters of the Federal Republic of Germany, a joint organisation of Germany’s regional public-service broadcasters.

Herzig, who has also played in the very popular crime series SOKO Leipzig, SOKO Kitzbühel and SOKO Cologne, wrote in a Facebook post: “The time has come, the VOLUNTARY VACCINATION has reached me too. If I don’t get vaccinated, I won’t be able to shoot another Styrian thriller. In the fall, a new series will start without me. I expected it, but the news hit me anyway.”

The vaccination is experimental, according to her. She has also “read too many reports about vaccination damage” and the “long-term consequences of a vaccination are not yet clear”. Herzig told Bild am Sonntag that the decision she had made not to be vaccinated was nevertheless not an easy one. Mainly because she would no longer be part of the next series of the popular thrillers. “This means that I give up an income that I have firmly planned for,” she told the newspaper.

“I am a single mother of two children, who of course I have to look after. But I cannot and will not give in. Therefore I will not get vaccinated, no matter what I am threatened with.”

That is a strong and brave position for a single mother to take.

However, we should remember: it is not purely a moral stance. For someone who understands what is going on here, it is simply self-preservation. No matter what they do to you as a punishment for not taking the vaxx, it cannot ever be as bad as what the vaxx will do to you.

Single mothers are the scum of the earth, but that doesn’t mean they’re totally stupid and suicidal.

It is better to lose your fortune than to lose your health.