Germany: Daycares Introducing Sex Rooms for Toddlers to Get Naked and Touch Each Other (Not Satire)

The organization is called “Pro Familia,” but all of the videos on their YouTube channel are about abortion, contraception, and faggotry

Now, come on, bigot.

This is just common sense sexual education.


Germany’s leading professional association on sexuality and partnership, Pro Familia, is under fire after issuing a recommendation that daycares implement “body exploration rooms” and “sexual games” for young children.

The issue first came to light when news outlet BILD revealed that parents were sent an e-mail from an Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO) daycare center in the Hanover region which presented a list of ten rules explaining how children in the “body exploration room” would be encouraged to “pet and examine” themselves and other children.

Obviously, pedophiles would invent this sort of thing.

But that doesn’t mean pedophiles did invent it.

(In all reality, it was probably invented by millennial white women on behalf of pedophiles. We’re seeing a pattern there.)

“All children, especially preschoolers, are aware of the places in the facility where nudity and body exploration can take place,” reads the message. “Each child decides for themselves whether and with whom they want to play physical and sexual games. Girls and boys pet and examine each other only as much as is comfortable for themselves and other children.”

The list of rules

Other rules outlined in the communication stipulate that the children must be within the same age group with a gap of no more than two years, and that at no time should a child “stick anything into another child’s body openings.”


One shocked father told BILD, “My daughter is five years old. I don’t want boys groping her. I have another child in another daycare center [where] there is no such thing [as an exploration room].”

Another father responded, “I’m devastated. We were told that this was determined by the Ministry of Education. As parents we were intimidated. What options do you have if you don’t want this?”


Options are pretty limited, actually.

The Ministry of Education in Lower Saxony responded to the concerned parents by terminating the program before it was put into effect. A representative told BILD that, at the end of May, “the state youth welfare office reported to the Ministry of Education that the pedagogical concept of the physical exploration rooms in the daycare centers cannot last, and that this puts the well-being of the child at risk.”

However, Dirk von der Osten, Chairman of the Board of the AWO Region in Hannover, disagreed. “Exploring one’s own body is part of child development, during which they also learn to recognize their own limits, to express them clearly and to develop shame,” von der Osten said. “Children also play role-playing games in their group rooms. We do not see any child welfare endangerment in this.”

This is what every child group in Germany is saying.

Meanwhile, the Catholic churches in Germany are flying anal flags.

This is not the first time a policy recommended by Pro Familia has been called into question. In 2013, Deutsche Welle asserted that “Pro Familia is stuck in the pedophilia swamp,” and emphasized how the sexual education organization has repeatedly published the works of pro-pedophile lobbyists.

The Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel investigated articles published by Pro Familia Magazine and found that pro-pedophile views were represented in works released in the 1980s and 1990s. An article by the psychologist and educator Wolf Vogel, dating back to 1987, for example, reflects “without prejudice” on the causes of pedophile lust.

Pro Familia has also platformed Rüdiger Lautmann, a sociologist and gay rights advocate who has a lengthy history of normalizing pedophilia.

Every “pedophile activist” is a homosexual.

There is no such thing as “heterosexual pedophilia.”

It’s an absolute myth, invented by homosexuals to defend their own practices.

Lautmann authored a book titled The Lust for Children: A Portrait of Pedophiles. The book is based on his interviews with 60 men who admitted to sexually abusing young children, primarily boys.

Rüdiger Lautmann

“They really love the children, read their every wish, organize trips, buy toys and are only comfortable around children,” Lautmann says of the 60 pedophiles he interviewed.

Released in 1994, the book became popular with pedophiles for its sympathetic portrayal of adult attraction to children, which Lautmann described as a sexual orientation, and its repeated assertions that children are capable of sexual autonomy.

“For me, it is is very clear that there do exist relationships that do not require any intervention,” Lautmann wrote, “The children cling to their lovers, and can leave them any moment if they choose.”

These arguments always rely on Ancient Greece, where people made the same arguments during certain periods.

In 1995, Lautmann repeated the thesis of his book in an article for Pro Familia, a leading NGO which provides resources on sexual health. In Pro Familia’s official magazine, Lautmann’s article states: “Our study defines the term pedophile, distinguishes it from incest, abuse and sadism. We prove that such men exist. The thesis is therefore: The desire for a child is an independent and differentiated sexual form. Pedophilia is therefore a sexual orientation like any other and no longer a perversion.”

An article by Lautmann was again published by Pro Familia in 2013, titled “sexual research can change reality.”

I remember a German girl telling me all this stuff in around 2011. This is not new in the mainstream of German education, it’s just that all of the women who learned it ten years ago are now running the institutions.

It’s not going to stop.

I’ve seen people argue that the boomers are exaggerating when they say “pedophilia is the next stop on the slippery slope.”

The reality is, we are already way past pedophilia with the child tranny movement.

Here’s the basic question: would you rather have some dude fuck you up the ass, or would you rather be injected with hormones, grow breasts, and have your dick cut off?

Obviously, no one wants some dude fucking them up the ass. But it’s also not really a serious choice between that and having your dick cut off.

That’s the total bottom line of the sexual liberation movement: child trannies are the worst thing ever imaginable, so everything that is not that bad – including adult men sodomizing little boys – is de facto acceptable now.

Just watch.

You’ll live to see it.

First you hear about these child sex rooms at German daycares, then you learn that actually, there are adult homosexual men in the sex rooms helping the boys “explore” themselves.

Snake Baker contributed to this article.