Germany: Another 98-Year-Old Man Dragged Out and Prosecuted for Lampshading Thousands of Jews

Probably, people don’t really understand this, but every year that has passed since the alleged “Jew Holocaust” allegedly took place, the propaganda about this supposed historical event has gotten more and more virulent.

They need ways to remind people of just how important this supposed “lampshades and soap” event was, so they dig up random old men who were alive at the time – who were never charged with anything in the 80 years since the thing supposedly happened – and charge them with crimes.

These “crucifixions of the elderly” also remind the Germans and the rest of the world of the brutality of the Jews. Obviously, no one thinks that new evidence popped up after 80 years, so they are doing what we call “a vulgar display of power” against the goyim.

It’s regrettable that these old men are forced to undergo this kind of treatment, but it shows the true desperation of the Jews.

New York Post:

A 98-year-old man has been charged in Germany with being an accessory to murder as a guard at the Nazis’ Sachsenhausen concentration camp between 1943 and 1945, prosecutors said Friday.

The German citizen, a resident of Main-Kinzig county near Frankfurt, is accused of having “supported the cruel and malicious killing of thousands of prisoners as a member of the SS guard detail,” prosecutors in Giessen said in a statement.

They did not release the suspect’s name.

He is charged with more than 3,300 counts of being an accessory to murder between July 1943 and February 1945.

The indictment was filed at the state court in Hanau, which will now have to decide whether to send the case to trial.

If it does, he will tried under juvenile law, taking account of his age at the time of the alleged crimes.

Prosecutors said that a report by a psychiatric expert last October found that the suspect is fit to stand trial at least on a limited basis.

I don’t know that it was ever possible to build an entire society’s underling moral and philosophical framework around any single historical event, let alone one as ridiculous and obviously false as the “Holocaust.”

However, if that was ever possible, the Jews have screwed it up.

People are very tired of having this tripe forced down their throats so aggressively. Most people won’t admit it, of course, because they don’t want their lives destroyed. But we’re seeing it among the youth.

Frankly, I’m not sure what percentage of this is a result of the Daily Stormer penetrating the collective consciousness of the youth, and what part of it is simply a natural exhaustion from being systematically berated by the Jews.

It’s going to be difficult to keep this charade up in the age of AI.

You can just type the math equations in. The AI will tell you that Holocaust math is impossible.

All Jewish institutional power in the West is ultimately based on this hoax.

They are not going to let it go easily.