Germany: AfD Politician Gets Beaten Up by Democracy-Loving Diversity

Andreas Jurca, evil neo-Nazi

This happened around a week ago, but so far Breitbart is the only sizable English-language outlet to report on it.


Police have launched an investigation after a candidate for the Alternative for Germany party was allegedly attacked by a group of migrants while he was on his way to a campaign event.

Andreas Jurca, the head of the AfD in the Bavarian district of Augsburg and the local candidate for the upcoming state legislature elections, suffered deep bruising on the face and a broken ankle after two men allegedly approached him under the guise of trying to shake his hand, before beating him to the ground.

According to the mass-circulation national Focus news magazine, local police have confirmed that they received an emergency call from Jurca following the attack and have since opened up an investigation.

In comments reported by Junge Freiheit newspaper, Jurca alleged that the attackers were of foreign origin, saying that he was descended upon by a group of “southerners… and by southerners, I don’t mean Spaniards or Italians now.” However, he ultimately blamed the attack on the fact that the AfD party is so often demonised in Germany.

“That’s exactly why I do politics. These are the people who want to lead us back into tyranny. There is no political edict for violence. If we live in a democracy, then we must also be able to endure that others have different opinions,” he said.

This is what he looks like when he’s not beaten up

The attack comes amid growing calls among the Berlin establishment to outright ban the populist party given its increasing popularity among the public. Ironically, advocates of banning the AfD have frequently cited a desire to protect democracy by prohibiting one of the highest-polling parties in the country.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier warned earlier this month said in a speech to intelligence operatives that “we all have it in our hands to put those who despise our democracy in their place” in a reference to the AfD.

The influential Der Spiegel magazine also joined in on the calls to outlaw the party, with an article entitled “Ban the enemies of the constitution!” The piece warned that “the AfD has become more and more radicalised. It’s time to defend democracy with better weapons”.

Breitbart was really serving a purpose and doing a service by translating stories of right-wing interest that don’t get translated into English otherwise.

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