Germany: 100 Catholic Churches Give Blessing to Anally-Married Men

The Bible is very clear about faggots.

Faggots are not so clear about the Bible.

The Local:

Catholic churches around Germany were offering blessings for gay couples on Monday in a protest against the Vatican’s refusal to approve same-sex partnerships.

More than 100 churches around the country have signed up to host services under the motto “love wins” on or around May 10th in the scheme initiated by priests, deacons and volunteers.

At the services, all couples will be invited to be blessed – regardless of sexual orientation.

“We raise our voices and say: We will continue to stand by people who commit themselves to a binding partnership and bless their relationship,” said a statement on the initiative’s website.


The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF), the powerful Vatican office responsible for defending church doctrine, handed down a ruling in March that same-sex unions could not be blessed despite their “positive elements”.

The office wrote that while God “never ceases to bless each of His pilgrim children in this world… he does not and cannot bless sin”.

Jan Korditschke, the reverend leading the charge. Jesuit physiognomy checks out.

Some German priests reacted to the announcement using a hashtag calling for “disobedience” online.

May 10th was chosen for the blessings because it is associated with God sending Noah a rainbow – a symbol often used in support of the LGBT community.

Under the initiative, churches in cities including Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich will hold traditional masses as well as open-air services and online events.

“We must finally recognise as a church that sexuality is part of life – and not only in a marriage between a man and a woman, but in all faithful, dignified and respectful love relationships,” said Birgit Mock, co-chair of the German Synodal Path’s working group on sexuality.

There are so many problems with this line of reasoning, it’s difficult to even know where to start. But basically, aside from the simple fact that you’re not supposed to ram your penis into another man’s anus, the assumption that the purpose of marriage is a “binding partnership” is just false.

The purpose of marriage, as the Bible makes very clear, is to produce children. We are supposed to “be fruitful and multiply.”

You cannot produce children by ejaculating into another man’s feces. It is biologically impossible. If these homosexuals do “gay adoption,” they have not produced a child, they have kidnapped someone else’s child, with the assistance of the state. Everyone knows, whether they will admit it or not, what they are doing with the child.

What’s more: homosexuals who are “anally married” are not “monogamous.”  No homosexual is monogamous. The reason monogamy exists is to produce children – if there are no children, there is no reason to not simply have a sex party. Homosexuals have gay orgies every day and most people are aware of that as well.

Homosexuals who get “anally married” are basically like best friends. They still do anal with many other men, including daily orgies. The concept of “homosexual monogamy” has no logical context, and it does not exist. The idea that the Catholic Church is going to start preaching “anal monogamy” is almost incomprehensible.

It’s just evil.

It is a defilement of the most sacred nature of mankind and of his relationship to God.

This is what happens when you put women in charge.

You know why all religions are patriarchal? Because the ones that weren’t died out.