George Washington University Students Calling for a “Final Solution” to the Jewish Problem

People on the left keep claiming that people saying certain things are plants by the Jews.

That might be the case. “Final solution” seems like a bit much. It’s very bait-like. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jews from the New York Post sent someone in with this sign so they could get the photo for their propaganda.

That said, I hope it’s real, because we do need a final solution to the Jewish problem, and we need it now.

New York Post:

A despicable anti-Israeli protester has sparked horror after being photographed at George Washington University with a sign calling for the “final solution,” the Nazi plan to exterminate all Jews.

The unidentified man was seen mingling among students on the Washington, DC, campus carrying a huge Palestinian flag — and the sign with the expression Adolf Hitler used to sum up his plan for the “annihilation of the Jews.”

The image quickly sparked outrage from many shocked at a term used during the Holocaust.

The parallels between this movement and actual Nazism is real and scary,” one X user wrote.

Another posted: “Just pure hatred.”

Whether it’s fake or not, no one cares. The protesters are not going to surrender because someone is saying they’re “bad optics.”

This revolution is just getting started.