Fully Vaccinated West Indies Female Cricketers Collapse on Field During Match Against Pakistan

This was the first one; the second one collapsed 10 minutes later

Not one but two vaxxers collapse on the field!

Remember to inject your infant children with this experimental gene therapy, or people in their 90s could die from a virus that is exactly the same as the flu you’ve always known but has a different name now!

Free West Media:

Two Windies professional cricketers collapsed on the field on Friday. Chinelle Henry and Chedean Nation suddenly fell down on the ground and started convulsing during an international match against Pakistan in Antigua. The two incidents were therefore captured on camera.

The two cricketers are currently “stable”, according to reports. Footage from the international match showed two West Indies women’s team players pass out on the field just days after announcements that the team had been fully vaccinated.

Only three days before the match, the team, including management staff, received their second vaccine doses, according to social media reports and team announcements. “WI are Vaccinated and ready to face Pakistan Women!” the team wrote on Twitter.

In the middle of the game, the first player suddenly collapsed on the field and began to convulse as team members desperately called for medical attention. The player was carried off on a stretcher.

Within minutes, just as the game was about to resume, a second Windies player collapsed. Announcers were flabbergasted by the dramatic events. “Jack, actually we’re getting word that there’s a second West Indies player down,” one said.

“Just got word that there’s a second player down. Not sure with what, but it seems there’s a second player who’s somehow collapsed in the West Indies team and there’s a second stretcher coming. That’s remarkable,” the commentator says. “I’ve never seen anything like this. What’s happening?”

“Is there something in the air?” asked another commentator. “I don’t know. This is unusual.”

After rife speculation on social media, videos of the two players were uploaded claiming they were fine, but some fans pointed out that the videos were not recent.

I can’t believe it either, but it looks like these vaccines might be dangerous…!

A few weeks ago, this same thing happened to a Danish football player.

Remember when they showed you those crisis actor videos from China of people collapsing on the road, then the virus came to your country and no one collapsed? And then remember how the media never explained that?

Well, now you have famous people at peak physical fitness collapsing on television, and the media is not explaining that.

With their mass vaxx campaign, the Jewish media is giving a whole new meaning to the word “bogus.”