France: New Law Allows Ban of Any Organization That Holds Segregated Meetings

We all know that the Moslem thing is just a distraction and that this law is primarily aimed against white people, right?


The French Senate has passed a bill that would authorise the dissolution of associations that hold meetings that exclude people from attending based on their race, ethnicity, sex, or religion.

The new powers were introduced as an amendment to a bill to counter separatism put forward by centre-right Les Républicains (The Republicans) Senator Stéphane Le Rudulier.

The measures will allow the dissolution of groups which “prohibit a person or group of persons because of their [skin] colour, origin, or membership or non-membership of a specific ethnicity, nation, race, or religion from participating in a meeting”.

The amendment comes in the wake of a controversy surrounding the National Union of Students of France (Unef), which allegedly held meetings reserved for non-white people.

According to last month’s report from broadcaster BFMTV, the student union has supported similar segregationist meetings for the last several years, including an Afro-feminist music festival that featured black women-only meetings as early as 2016.

Minister in charge of Citizenship, Marlene Schiappa, a key ally of President Emmanuel Macron, argued that the amendment could be unconstitutional and said she supported closed “experience-based” meetings based on experiences such as sexual assault, but not closed “identity-based” groups.

Moslems will not ever be held to account for this law.

Maybe a few will be, but it will just be for show.

Meanwhile, whites will be persecuted.

None of these attempts to erode the Islamic religion and culture make any logical sense – if you didn’t like Islamic religion and culture, then why did you flood your country with Moslems? You just as easily could have left them in their own countries, and never even thought about what was going on with them and their behavior.

Why are these people here?