France: Jews and Moslems Renew Alliance Against French, Denounce Resistance to Invasion

Have Moslems and Jews always been best friends against whites?

Why don’t we ever read about this???

Free West Media:

The Jewish organisation LICRA and the Great Mosque of Paris have joined forces against “anti-Muslim racism”. LICRA was founded to fight “neonazism and Holocaust denial”.

In the last few years, LICRA has intensified its international actions by opening offices abroad, in Switzerland, in Belgium, in Luxembourg, in Germany, in Portugal, in Quebec and more recently in Congo Brazzaville and in Austria.

The partnership agreement between the International League Against Racism and Antisemitism (LICRA) and the Great Mosque of Paris (GMP) was signed by the President of LICRA, Mario Stasi, and the Rector of the Great Mosque of Paris, Chems-eddine Hafiz, on May 19, 2021.

Mario Stasi, a Jew lawyer with a very fitting name

This will allow victims of “anti-Muslim racism” to obtain legal aid from the LICRA free of charge. The two organizations announced the creation of a joint working group which will focus on youth issues.

This agreement thus provides for “awareness and information actions” directed towards “young people” and “schools”, according to AFP who quoted the rector of the mosque of Paris. A joint working group will be formed and will make it possible to develop “joint analyses on current issues related to anti-Muslim racism and secularism, universalism and republican values”, the two organizations stated in a press release, adding the observation that “anti-Muslim racism is more and more prevalent and is visibly manifested in society”.

In recent years, the LICRA has observed in particular that “among all the facts of racism or discrimination of which [it] has been alerted to via its online or telephone reporting format, the reports of anti-Muslim acts (acts of a racist and discriminatory nature) are the most”.

According to 2020 figures sent to AFP, out of some 800 reports for acts of racism or anti-Semitism, 263 were acts of “anti-Maghreb or anti-Muslim” racism. And of the 492 reports received by the “online hatred” service, 114 concerned anti-Maghreb or anti-Muslim racism. The LICRA and the Great Mosque of Paris said that “there was a need to develop a new framework to support and organize the Islam of France”.

To coincide with the announcement that the LICRA will in future be funding litigation against those who voice criticism against Islam, in Guichainville, an investigation was opened against Member of the European Parliament (MEP) and National Rally General Secretary Nicolas Bay after he released a video of a mosque construction site and Quranic school.

Who would have thought that you would find the Jews working together with their Islamic cousins to destroy Christian society?

That’s a shocker that really snuck up on us.