France: Court Decides Women Can Just Say Whatever Without Any Consequences

Sandra Muller, the woman who started #metoo French Edition. She claims that men want to have sex with her, and yet gives no citation. 

The infliction of #metoo on the French is a part of the plot to create a global uni-culture.

France 24:

French appeals court on Wednesday overturned the defamation conviction of the woman behind France’s answer to the #MeToo movement, who was sued by the man she accused of sexual harassment, lawyers told AFP.

Sandra Muller, a French journalist, coined the viral hashtag #balancetonporc (“expose your pig”) to describe TV executive Eric Brion.

In September 2019 she was ordered to pay 15,000 euros ($17,600) in damages to Brion, whom she accused on Twitter of making sexually lewd remarks at a party.

The trial court ruled she had provided no proof of her claims of sexual harassment.

Brion had admitted to making inappropriate remarks but claimed he had later apologised in a text message. His lawyers argued that the remarks did not constitute harassment, which under French law must involve repeated or “serious” pressure.

But the Paris Court of Appeal overturned the verdict on Wednesday, ruling that “even if Eric Brion suffered by being the first man denounced under #balancetonporc, Sandra Muller should be recognised as having acted in good faith.”

Muller’s lawyer Jade Dousselon hailed the verdict as a “historic” win for victims of sexual harassment and a “huge relief” for her client.

“The appeals court is saying to the victims, to all those who spoke out, to all those who spoke the truth, that those people will not be convicted,” Dousselon said.

Muller made the claim against Brion on October 13, 2017, at the height of the #MeToo movement, which began in the US over the rape and abuse allegations against film mogul Harvey Weinstein.

She launched the hashtag #balancetonporc as a call for French women to name and shame abusers and then shared her own account in a later tweet.

She accused Brion of humiliating her at a function in the city of Cannes in 2012, telling her: “You have big breasts. You are my type of woman. I will make you orgasm all night.”

She ended the post with the hashtag #balancetonporc.

Brion, the former head of TV channel Equidia, acknowledged making inappropriate remarks but said he had apologised by text message the day after.

But he argued that Muller’s post wrongly portrayed him as a sex offender and that the publicity around the incident had ruined his career.

“It was a heavy come-on, it was ugly but that does not mean he deserves to be pilloried with the title of workplace sex harasser,” his lawyer Nicolas Benoit had argued.

“American-style sexual harassment in France” has been kind of a hard sell, because sexual libertinism is a part of their culture.

Britain and by proxy the rest of the Anglo world (America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) have had a very puritanical culture for centuries, which is why Matt Gaetz referred to the allegation that he’d had sex with a 17-year-old as a “horrible and disgusting crime” and no one who has been taught for the last five years that injecting children with tranny hormones is the most moral thing on earth batted an eye.

Feminism has been used to reinstate puritanical values, but to an extreme that the puritans themselves would have thought was a bit outrageous. This of course happens alongside some really twisted, sick and evil sexual stuff, like homosexuality and trannies.

The French still don’t have an age of consent, or any of the rest of this consent stuff, because they’re still tied to gross romanticism. It was British tabloids who about a decade ago went to France and found the then-president François Hollande was having an affair with a journalist. The French media said it was his own business, but the British were following him around on the street.

The core problem is that most French women would say that they like it when men flirt with them, and they don’t view flirting as a form of rape.

But it ultimately doesn’t matter what French women think. Everything has to be the same, everywhere, and even some seemingly non-threatening cultural difference such as “the French are not hardcore sexual puritans” is too much of a difference to allow.

This isn’t a Poland-tier cultural gap, but it is considered by the ruling masters to be enough of a cultural gap that it must be closed.

The French also recently pushed back on a black elected official who told white people to shut up.

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White people are going to have to be made to learn to shut up.

For the Record

Sexual puritanism does lead to more stable societies, as a rule. But the feminists have gone too far, and more importantly, while promoting this princess image of women, have aggressively embraced homosexuality, obesity and gluttony, and other sick behaviors that the traditional puritans would not have accepted.

I feel strongly that the Anglo countries should go back to normal puritanism, where they lighten up on the really extreme “women are always pure victims” stuff, but also crack down on the butt stuff.

The French can do whatever they want. French women are horrible in their own way, and clearly they need to fix that. But our goal here at the Daily Stormer is to focus on the general Christian traditions of the West, not on picking apart the various (relatively minor) differences in different European cultures.

And yes, the French do think the traditional Anglo system is more Christian than the traditional French, Italian and Spanish system. But I’m sure they have their own arguments on that one, and again – it’s a minor issue.

The fact that it is such a minor issue is relevant though, given that it is so important to the globalists to enforce it. It shows just how totalitarian they truly are.