Former Golden Dawn MEP has Immunity Withdrawn, Gets Arrested at EU Parliament

In Greece, a right-wing political party with sitting members in Parliament was declared a criminal organization, and all its leaders given upwards of a decade in prison, because someone got stabbed at a bar fight, and they said the stabber was a supporter of the party.

If this standard was used on the left, how much time in jail would Democrats get for over a year of nonstop riots in all major cities in America?


Ioannis Lagos, facing jail in Greece for crimes linked to the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party, has been detained by Belgian police after the European Parliament voted to lift his immunity.

Lagos was convicted last October, along with the rest of the party leadership, of running a criminal organisation.

Although the court jailed him for more than 13 years, he was given immunity because he is an elected Euro MP.

Lagos, 48, said he was on his way to prison in a Belgian police car.

The thieves, atheists, anti-Greeks are taking me to jail,” he complained on Twitter, hours after colleagues in the European Parliament voted by 658 to 25 to strip him of his immunity. Greek reports said Belgian police had responded to an Interpol notice filed by their Greek colleagues.

When anti-fascist hip-hop musician Pavlos Fyssas was murdered by a party supporter in the Keratsini area of western Athens in 2013, a criminal inquiry was launched.

They claimed that the stabbing was a “targeted assassination,” without ever presenting any evidence. Then they just put everyone in prison.

We covered this heavily on the Stormer, but virtually no other Western media wanted to touch it. Breitbart and the likes didn’t want to be associated with “neo-Nazis,” of course (despite the fact no one can explain what that term means).

Lagos was both MP and a local commander in the Piraeus area near where Fyssas died. He was elected to serve Golden Dawn in the European Parliament in 2019 but defected weeks afterwards, becoming an independent MEP. It is not yet clear if he will challenge extradition.

Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos was among 39 defendants given jail terms last October at the end of a five-year trial for running a criminal gang or taking part in it.

Lagos avoided arrest because of his parliamentary immunity while fellow leading member Christos Pappas disappeared. He has not been seen since the verdict was announced, prompting criticism of both police and politicians for allowing him to go on the run.

Pappas has long been viewed as Golden Dawn’s ideological godfather and was photographed under a Nazi flag and filmed teaching children to do the Hitler salute.

Oh, the horror! What about the piles of shoes???

What about the Wall of Eyes???

Pappas is a true gentleman, and it’s good at least someone escaped to Brazil.

He was the Greek Mike Lindell.

Can you imagine if Russia had arrested and imprisoned the entire opposition because an ALLEGED SUPPORTER of the opposition killed someone in a drunken bar fight?

This stuff doesn’t happen in third world countries either. This has actually never happened anywhere, and it is only possible under democracy.

Democracy is the single most corrupt possible system of government that has ever existed in all of human history.

Why do people tolerate this? 

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