FIFA, UEFA, Other Sports Organizations Boycotted Social Media for 4 Days to Demand More Censorship

Seeing a bunch of multi-billion dollar corporations demanding governments arrest people for saying mean words on the internet always bring a tear to my eye.

This is what freedom is all about.


Football has sent a “powerful and united message” over online abuse with the four-day social media boycott, says Premier League club Aston Villa.

Clubs, players and governing bodies stayed off social media across the weekend in an attempt to tackle abuse and discrimination on the platforms.

After the boycott ended at 23.59 BST on Monday, Manchester United said they will keep challenging discrimination.

“Our commitment to combatting online abuse will always continue,” they said.

Fellow Premier League club Villa tweeted: “We have sent a powerful and united message. We sincerely hope the message is heard, understood and positive changes are made.”

Leicester also tweeted a video of their men’s and women’s players calling for the end of discrimination and online abuse.

Formula 1 drivers, including Lewis Hamilton, plus other sports such as rugby union, cricket, rugby league and netball also joined the protest.

All those taking part boycotted Twitter, Facebook and Instagram from 15:00 BST on Friday, 30 April.

Players and athletes across all sports continue to be subjected to racist abuse, with some clubs contacting police over the level of aggression.

The Premier League released a statement prior to the four-day silence, saying it would not stop challenging companies “until discriminatory online abuse is removed from our game and wider society”.

This was probably done to distract from that European Super League thing they tried recently, which clearly didn’t work since people are still rioting about it.

Every celebrity gets made fun of – especially when it relates to opposing sports teams.

When you make fun of someone, you look at them, and think of something to insult them – their height, their weight, their baldness, their untrimmed eyebrows, their neckbeard – whatever. The idea that race is off limits in this setting is against human nature.

Furthermore: who cares? Didn’t we used to teach people “sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me”?

What changed?