Elon Musk v. The Jews: Latest Tweets from the Frontlines of Elon’s War Against International Jewry

Previously:Β Elon Threatens to Sue Israeli Jew Terrorist “ADL” Group

This situation between Elon Musk and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has escalated quickly. At first, he was just complaining about the ADL running a sort of protection racket where they threaten to use the media to publicly defame advertisers if they don’t follow along with their boycotts. Now, he’s basically just openly attacking the entire concept of an “anti-Semitic threat,” and attacking organized Jewry as a whole for using their victim status to manipulate society.

Further, there was a point where Elon appeared to be lining up with the “conservative” claim by the likes of Matt Walsh and Charlie Kirk that the ADL is not a “Jewish group” but rather a “Democrat group.” I of course strongly agree with Jonathan Greenblatt that it is a Jewish group, and would argue that the extent to which its agenda overlaps with the agenda of the Democrat Party is simply the extent to which the Democrat Party is controlled by the Jews.

Elon regularly endorses tweets by giving a quick reply, simply to draw attention to them.

He did this yesterday with a long post about the ADL’s criminal activities, and the various payouts they’ve made after being sued for domestic spying.

In the midst of his war on the ADL, he also took the time to call out another Jewish activist group, the ACLU, for promoting a guy who stabbed a 14-year-old girl and raped her corpse as a trans icon.

He also called out Blackrock, another Jewish organization.

When in the context of the all-out war against the ADL he’s been waging, the fact that these other groups are totally Jewish seems very relevant.

Moreover, he called out the Ukraine Jew Alexander Vindman, who has been going to war for the ADL.

Early this morning (who knows what time zone he’s posting from), he replied to Keith Woods twice.

For those who don’t know, Keith was at one point considered a suspicious character due to his association with gay spook Richard Spencer. However, I don’t think he’s had anything to do with him in years now, and he’s been very supportive of Nick Fuentes and the agenda in general. I’ve vaguely been aware of his materials over the years, and the last bad takes I saw from him were during the coronavirus hoax. Since then, everything I’ve seen has been on point, and of course, we appreciate his support for our boy Nick.

Speaking of Nick: it’s become slightly strange that Elon is at war with the ADL, and yet, Nick and myself are still banned. If he’s going to call out the ADL as a criminal organization, and be openly fraternizing with Keith Woods, who is on the same team as me and Nick, what is the point of banning us?

As people will recall, I was totally supporting Elon when I was allowed on the platform. I then gave him some time, and didn’t attack him until my appeals to get my account back were denied multiple times. I then turned against him, because the only reason I would be banned is because the Jews said so. I am the litmus test. I don’t say that because I’m me, but because it’s true. If you won’t let me on the platform, you don’t have free speech, and you don’t have a right to claim you have free speech.

I am the symbol of free speech. I was the first person banned from everything, and remain the most banned person. I have never committed a single crime (other than cocaine possession when I was 19, and that is expunged).

I think I should be allowed back on to support Elon. Anyway, now that he’s literally at war with the Jews, I’m supporting him regardless. This is the best thing ever.

Perhaps the most relevant tweet he made this morning was in response to a poll about how Jews are pro-censorship.

That is not about the ADL. That is about Jews. I’d like to see Matt Walsh explain that.

Of course, he will not. He won’t say anything about this new direction Elon has moved in over the last few days. At some point, these conservatives are actually going to have to join the side of the ADL in calling out Elon as an “anti-Semite,” because it is their belief that you’re not allowed to talk about the Jews and their beliefs.

Saying “the Jews are pro-censorship” is considered by Matt Walsh, Charlie Kirk, and presumably Tucker Carlson for that matter, as a form of blasphemy. You are only allowed to talk about the ADL as “a Democrat partisan organization that pretends to defend the Jews while pushing a Democrat agenda.” These mental gymnastics make it utterly impossible to talk about what is actually happening.

To be crystal clear here: what is actually happening is that the ADL is definitely a Jewish organization in that it represents the collective agenda of collective Jewry, which involves not only censorship of fact-based criticism of the behavior of individual Jews and Jews collectively, but also the promotion of things like mass immigration and trannies (and then the censorship of criticism of these things).

Obviously, not all Jews agree with this consensus among international Jewry. There are Jews that I support and there are Jews that support me (or at least defend my right to speak). But the “consensus” is a consensus, in that the overwhelming majority of Jews support it.

As you can see in the graph above that Elon responded to, only a third of Jews support free speech. None of the Jews that do support free speech have any significant power (with few notable exceptions, including David Sachs of the All-In podcast – he is also a DeSantis shill and probably has other problems, but he does appear to legitimately support freedom of speech, and uses his wealth to that end).

Obviously, you could talk forever about why Jews behave this way. But the reality is, they do behave this way: they organize, as a mafia, to destroy anyone who gets in their way.

I do not know why Elon is going out there and doing this Holy War now. It’s unclear to me if he was previously aware of the Jewish issue, and simply tried to avoid it but now feels as though he has no choice, or if he is only now becoming aware of it. It seems more likely that the latter is the case, but I have no way of knowing. What is clear is that he now feels that these Jews are messing with his money, and he’s going at them head-on, because he doesn’t have a choice.

I don’t really see how this can de-escalate. It appears to me that Elon is all-in.

The ADL is demanding a right to dictate the content on Twitter, and they are doing it in such a way that it will make him unable to run the site how he intends to run it if he gives them control. The Jews are saying: “sorry – your business plan is canceled, and it doesn’t matter to us how much money it costs you. If you don’t bow down and do as you’re told, we’re going to destroy you totally.”

The most recent statement release by the ADL says as much:

They are of course not simply saying “you’re not allowed to talk about us,” but also “you’re not allowed to talk about the fact that you’re not allowed to talk about us.” These are orders from master to servant. They are the master because they are “God’s chosen people,” and because the are the greatest victims ever in history.

Elon is choosing not to do as he is told. He is asserting himself as a free human being, a very accomplished man who has a right to do business freely within the laws of the United States.

The Sequel to Kanye West

In some ways, this feels like a direct extension of – or a sequel to – the events that happened last year with Kanye West going up against the Jews.

Kanye gave up and bought back into the Jewish system because some mommy white bitch with very mediocre floppy tits and an extremely unfortunate ass told him to be a good boy. That was unfortunate, but no one who was paying attention forgot what he said.

Now, people who are paying attention are seeing Elon saying many of the same things that Kanye was saying. So you have the most popular musician of the era and the richest man in the world both coming out and saying “Jews are trying to control me and I’m not going along with it.”

There is no reason that any of these people with power and influence, if they are not Jewish, should go along with the Jewish agenda – other than that they are afraid the Jews will destroy them. Jonathan Greenblatt in particular seems to believe that he can go to war with any goyim and win, and that he is under zero obligation to not look totally villainous while doing so.

Frankly, I’m surprised some other Jews are not coming out and reining him in. He is simply delusional if he thinks he can make this kind of spectacle and cancel Elon Musk, and then walk away with the majority of the goyim still afraid to ask what exactly is going on with these Jews that they are able to tell everyone in the Western world what to do.

This is the sort of thing that has marked the beginning of the various historical backlashes against the Jews, when they’ve been run out of countries. They always get too cocky, and push things too far, and then eventually the population they are feeding on simply snaps.

Needless to say, I’m incredibly happy about how all of this is going. I really feel like Jonathan Greenblatt’s absolute arrogance is a Jewish gift to the goyim.