Disheveled Jew Slob Who Put Holohoax Museum in Fortnite Whines About People Not Liking It

The disheveled Jew slob Luc Bernard announced earlier this month that he had successfully lobbied to have a Holocaust museum installed in the game “Fortnite.”

Bernard had previously made a failed indie video game promoting the alleged mass killing of Jews. His Fortnite stunt is meant to bring more attention on his failing life, as he often considers suicide. He is 37 years old and only has 7,000 followers on Twitter, a testament to a life of failure.

Many had allegedly advised him to “just get it over with” as “nothing was going to get any better,” but then he came up with the idea for the Fortnite museum, which finally got him media headlines.

The Holocaust is a fake event and debunked hoax, wherein Jews claim that six million of them were gassed to death in fake shower rooms and then turned into furniture and cleaning products. No one believes the idiotic story, but everyone is afraid to call it out for fear of having their lives destroyed.

Although I have not visited the “virtual museum,” it is safe to assume that it consists of piles of shoes, shrunken heads, and pictures of the nude corpses of people who died from typhus at work camps in Poland after the “Allies” committed an international war crime and bombed the civilian supply lines.

It may also include stupid, cartoonish lies about “twin experiments” and changing the color of people’s eyes.

What the fake museum does not include, I assure you, is evidence for the disposal of the ashes of millions of people, or an explanation of the Auschwitz cremation math.

Bernard is now pretending to be shocked that some gamers do not appreciate having this stupid lampshade hoax shoved down their throats in their favorite video game, and is throwing a fit on Twitter, responding to trolls.

Note that he’s refused to explain why he is a 37-year-old man wearing short pants. However, if he was forced to give such an explanation, he would no doubt start whining about “my global warming, goyim” and then start blaming oil companies for the Iraq War.

Unbeknownst to the world (because no one in the world knew who this person was until a few days ago), Bernard had been waging a “quiet war” against Nick Fuentes and other gamers.

Bernard has gone so far as to lash out against apples, apparently claiming that the much-loved fruit was invented by Adolf Hitler.

He also lashed out against other Jews for not supporting him enough, which was actually an interesting and novel edition to the classic “Jewish Twitter meltdown.”

It is expected that Elon X (formerly known as Elongated Titties Musk) will soon ban anyone who criticizes the lampshade hoax edition to Fortnite.

Elon X is notoriously a fat pussy, and is afraid to fight Mark Zuckerberg after challenging him to a cage match. X is also as terrible at video games as he is at running websites, which became clear to the world when he posted his Elden Ring build, which included the infamous “duel shield wield,” which X himself invented.

It is now suspected that this build was a reference to the Jew who “used two shields as snow skis to escape Auschwitz by skiing down a mountain into a wolf cave.”

X, who bans people from his broken social media website Twitter, also once claimed without evidence that Cyberpunk 2077 is “a good game.”