David Cameron Tells Jews to Use Their Head This Time and Not Escalate Tension with Iran

Everyone in the world is begging the Jews not to go apeshit.

The thing is: no one can stop them.

If Bibi decides to pull the trigger and start a real war, every Western country has committed itself to fight that war for the Jews.

It’s a very odd arrangement.

The Guardian:

The UK foreign secretary, David Cameron, urged Israel to act with its head as well as its heart and not escalate the conflict by mounting a revenge raid on Iran.

His remarks imply the UK would not take part in an attack on Iran but would continue to defend Israel if it came under further assault.

Lord Cameron said: “We are saying Israel has a right to respond but we do not support a retaliatory strike. There are times where we have to be smart as well as tough, where we have to use head as well as heart.”

He said Israel had a right to respond but suggested the hostilities at the weekend had been a double defeat for Tehran. “Not only was their attack an almost total failure but also the rest of the world can now see what a malign influence they are in the region and understand their true nature.”

Cameron said Israel should, as President Joe Biden had said to them, “take the win and then move on to focus on how to eradicate Hamas in Gaza and how to get those hostages free”.

“Take the W my Js, deadass no cap fr fr.”

He added: “Israeli people this morning are thinking ‘We’ve suffered this massive attack. Of course, we want our government to respond.’ And that’s why I think we have to be sensitive in the way we put this, but to say ‘Look, you have had a win because the Iran attack was such a failure and the smart thing to do as well as the tough thing to do now is actually not to escalate.’”

Well, if it’s the smart thing, I’m sure the Jews will do it.

I’ve heard they have very high IQs.

But why are these Jews even so mad if they intercepted 99% of the missiles/drones???

You wouldn’t think it would even be a big deal, what with such a successful shootdown rate.

But I guess it’s just the idea of someone disagreeing that made them so mad, huh?