Daily Mail Owner Sues Google for Manipulating Search Results

Why do people keep thinking they can sue big tech? It’s been made fully clear that big tech operates under full libertarianism, which means they’re allowed to do whatever they want to anyone.


The owner of the Daily Mail newspaper and MailOnline website is suing Google over allegations the search engine manipulates search results.

Associated Newspapers accuses Google of having too much control over online advertising and of downgrading links to its stories, favouring other outlets.

It alleges Google “punishes” publishers in its rankings if they don’t sell enough advertising space in its marketplace.

Google called the claims “meritless”.

Associated Newspapers’ concerns stem from its assessment that its coverage of the Royal Family in 2021 has been downplayed in search results.

For example, it claims that British users searching for broadcaster Piers Morgan’s comments on the Duchess of Sussex following an interview with Oprah Winfrey were more likely to see articles about Morgan produced by smaller, regional outlets.

That is despite the Daily Mail writing multiple stories a day about his comments around that time and employing him as a columnist.

Daily Mail editor emeritus Peter Wright told the BBC’s Today programme that the search engine’s alleged actions were “anti-competitive”.

He suggested that the Daily Mail’s search visibility dropped after using online advertising techniques “which were allowing us to divert advertising traffic away from Google to other ad exchanges, which paid better prices – and this was their punishment”.

“We think it’s time to call this company out,” he said.

The Daily Mail’s MailOnline site is one of the world’s most-read websites. It has 75 million unique monthly visitors in the US alone, according to the lawsuit, which was filed in New York on Tuesday.

No one has ever won a relevant court case against any big tech company, and no one ever will.

Even if Daily Mail won this case, they would lose in the end, as Google would just continue to punish them in the future, which would cause them to lose more than whatever they won in the settlement.

These companies are much more powerful than governments. The logical thing to do is spend money to directly lobby the companies, like you would a government.