Cops Using Food as a Weapon Against UCLA Anti-Israel Protesters

The Jews have a very limited number of weapons in their arsenal, and they will use the same ones against Palestinians or Americans who support Palestine. They will use serious violence against you and then they will starve you.

New York Post:

Cops easily thwarted an attempt by anti-Israel protesters at the University of California-Los Angeles to smuggle food into their tent camp via a robot courier on Thursday.

UCLA Protesters set up barricades and erected a new encampment on Thursday, prompting dozens of police officers to arrive on campus.

A food delivery robot could be seen coming to a halt when some mildly amused officers stopped it in front of an area it had blocked off to stop the encampment from growing, according to a video from ABC7’s Josh Haskell.

Campus security took up positions as the encampment began to grow. All campus entrances have been closed and supplies like food, water and medicine are not being allowed through as police try to contain the protest.

One faculty member said she was stopped from bringing the students some bags of food. The lockdown directive came from the university’s Office of Campus Safety, she said.

We believe [the students] have the right to peacefully protest, even if it were unlawful, do they not have both the legal and the human rights obligation to give them food and water?” She told ABC7.

Are other people noting that using food as a weapon is the same thing they are doing to the Gazans?

Food as a weapon is official Israeli state policy. They have been doing this for years.

I can’t really imagine campus cops coming up with this idea independently. It seems to me that this has to have been on the advisement of some Israeli group, presumably AIPAC.

Is AIPAC assisting police in techniques for shutting down protests against Israel?

Wouldn’t American police working with a foreign government to harm Americans who are protesting said foreign government amount to an open form of treason, that these cops could be tried and executed for?

At this rate, it won’t be long before the IDF is dropping ten ton bombs on American college campuses.