Colorado: Catholic Preschools Banned from Funding Over Anti-Anal Policies Sue State

You gotta have anal at the pre-school.

Parents are often uncomfortable speaking to their 5-year-old sons about how to get fucked up the ass, so the school has to teach it.

Being religious is no excuse for blind hatred.

The Bible might say little boys shouldn’t be fucked up the ass, but it also says don’t eat shellfish. There is zero difference between a toddler being fucked up the ass and eating shellfish.

Denver Post:

The Denver Catholic Archdiocese along with two of its parishes is suing the state alleging their First Amendment rights are violated because their desire to exclude LGBTQ parents, staff and kids from Archdiocesan preschools keeps them from participating in Colorado’s new universal preschool program.

The program is intended to provide every child 15 hours per week of state-funded preschool in the year before they are eligible for kindergarten. To be eligible, though, schools must meet the state’s non-discrimination requirements.

The Denver Archdiocese, St. Mary Catholic Parish in Littleton and St. Bernadette Catholic Parish in Lakewood filed suit against Lisa Roy, executive director of the Colorado Department of Early Childhood, and Dawn Odean, director of Colorado’s Universal Preschool Program, on Wednesday.

The Denver Archdiocese and the Colorado Department of Early Childhood could not immediately be reached for comment.

“The Department is purporting to require all preschool providers to accept any applicant without regard to a student or family’s religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity, and to prohibit schools from “discriminat[ing] against any person” on the same bases,” the lawsuit said. “These requirements directly conflict with St. Mary’s, St. Bernadette’s, and the Archdiocese’s religious beliefs and their religious obligations as entities that carry out the Catholic Church’s mission of Catholic education in northern Colorado.”

Kids have to get away from their parents as quickly as possible

The Denver Archdiocese said in the suit they do not believe adhering to their religious beliefs against accepting LGBTQ people qualifies as discrimination. The Denver Post published written guidance last year issued by the Denver Archdiocese to its Catholic schools on the handling of LGBTQ issues, including telling administrators not to enroll or re-enroll transgender or gender non-conforming students and explaining that gay parents should be treated differently than heterosexual couples.

Are they talking about all their schools in general, or are they talking about transgender preschoolers specifically?

It’s a crazy question to ask, but here we are…

The lawsuit said St. Mary’s and St. Bernadette’s each require their preschool staff sign annual Archdiocese-approved employment contracts affirming that staff abide by traditional Catholic teachings on life, sexuality and marriage. They require parents who send their kids to their preschools “to understand and accept the community’s worldview and convictions regarding Catholic moral issues like life, marriage, and human sexuality,” the lawsuit said.

The Denver Archdiocese argues in the lawsuit that the state has “cornered the market” for preschool services by providing universal funding and any preschool providers who don’t participate will be “severely disadvantaged” and forced to charge “significantly” higher fees, disadvantaging low-income families whose children attend Archdiocesan schools.

“Colorado did not have to create a universal preschool funding program, but in doing so it cannot implement that program in a way that excludes certain religious groups and providers based on their sincerely held religious beliefs,” the lawsuit said.

Yeah, the mandated funding for schools was always a control mechanism. Any retard could have seen that.

This is obviously a losing battle.

If one school were to win, it wouldn’t mean anything in the long run, as there is zero chance that in the medium term, the state is going to allow any preschool to not teach kids how to get fucked in the ass.

In the longer term, it’s going to be illegal for any kid not to learn this. The schools will not just have their funding cut, they will be invaded by millennial women from the government’s HR department and forced to teach kids anal.

And of course, homeschooling is going to be banned.

This is why I’ve told you for years now: you have to figure out a way to get out of the United States. The country is doomed. If you can’t leave, your only option is to go to a small town, where, like the Shire, the Eye of Sauron will not be looking.

Snake Baker contributed to this article.