CNN: Fake News for Real Retards – “You’d Better Believe It”

CNN at least cites Zelensky as the source when they print wild, nonsensical claims from the Ukraine such as “21,000 Wagner mercenaries were killed.”

The Guardian would have just printed as fact that this happened – and that the entire world wants to kill Putin. The Guardian believes that official statements from the Ukraine are like statements from Angels of God – they cannot be questioned, because their source is absolutely pure and above all reproach.

Really, CNN gives people that impression as well, so even though they quote the source, and therefore in theory look more serious to certain people, most people who read or watch CNN will take these claims as an absolute matter of fact.

The reporting on the Ukraine is the single biggest media atrocity in all of history. In terms of the sheer bulk of stupid lies, it is actually more extreme than the coronavirus hoax.

However they chose to report it, in terms of covering their asses by citing real or fake sources, this is the craziest narrative that has ever been widely believed by anyone – “The Ukraine can win a war against Russia.” This was literally never any different than “Mexico can win a war against the USA.” It was always the same difference. It was never, in any reality, even a remote possibility.

Yet, I have had grown men tell me they think the Ukraine will “push Russia out.”

Finally, the media is going to have to switch gears, as the US has announced that they are moving towards negotiations following the failed “spring counteroffensive.”

We’ll see how that works for them.

I think even the retarded masses of Fatmericans, if they follow the news, are struggling with the current claim that the real counteroffensive hasn’t started yet, and what they said was the counteroffensive was just “probing.”

I would hope that when the war ends, and Russia has everything they demanded while the Ukraine has hundreds of thousands of dead, totally destroyed cities, and half the population it had last year, people will begin to wonder if maybe the media is not being totally honest with them. But that doesn’t seem to be how things work. People who believe the media just keep on believing.

But maybe it will have a dent in the faction of “right-wingers” who seem to believe everything the media says is true, allegedly for different reasons? There was a significant group of supposed right-wingers claiming that Russia wasn’t really winning because they didn’t win in three days – just like there were right-wingers claiming the coronavirus was real and that Trump actually lost the 2020 election (they are now claiming that China is using “spy balloons”). Whatever narrative the media presents, no matter how stupid, there is a group of mostly anonymous accounts on the internet that spam that the media is right. There were some telling people to vote for Joe Biden (???).

But I suppose that will continue as well.

People are going to do what they are going to do, and then they are going to deal with the results of that.