CNN Admits the Ukraine has Zero Chance of Advancing, Totally Doomed, Russia Too Good at War


CNN just published an article admitting what the Daily Stormer has been saying for months about this “counteroffensive”:

Weeks into Ukraine’s highly anticipated counteroffensive, Western officials describe increasingly “sobering” assessments about Ukrainian forces’ ability to retake significant territory, four senior US and western officials briefed on the latest intelligence told CNN.

They’re still going to see, for the next couple of weeks, if there is a chance of making some progress. But for them to really make progress that would change the balance of this conflict, I think, it’s extremely, highly unlikely,” a senior western diplomat told CNN.

“Our briefings are sobering. We’re reminded of the challenges they face,” said Rep. Mike Quigley, an Illinois Democrat who recently returned from meetings in Europe with US commanders training Ukrainian armored forces. “This is the most difficult time of the war.”

The primary challenge for Ukrainian forces is the continued difficulty of breaking through Russia’s multi-layered defensive lines in the eastern and southern parts of the country, which are marked by tens of thousands of mines and vast networks of trenches. Ukrainian forces have incurred staggering losses there, leading Ukrainian commanders to hold back some units to regroup and reduce casualties.

Russians have a number of defensive lines and they [Ukrainian forces] haven’t really gone through the first line,” said a senior Western diplomat. “Even if they would keep on fighting for the next several weeks, if they haven’t been able to make more breakthroughs throughout these last seven, eight weeks, what is the likelihood that they will suddenly, with more depleted forces, make them? Because the conditions are so hard.”

People shouldn’t forget that this was all known months ago, and the media lied about it on purpose.

Now they admit it like “oh, well, as it turns out…”

The only reason they are admitting it is because something is going to have to change soon.

Either the Ukraine is going to have to surrender, or the West is going to have to intervene directly.

I’m pretty convinced that even Western decision-makers don’t know which is going to happen.

Recently, it’s seemed like they were ready to pivot to… West Africa… for whatever reason.

But hey – who the hell knows?