China Unveils Smart Economic Plan for Path Towards Peaceful Reunification with Taiwan

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The Guardian:

China’s government has unveiled a “new path towards integrated development” with Taiwan, including proposals to make it easier for Taiwanese people to live, study and work in China.

At the same time, it sent the largest number of warships to gather in years to the waters on Taiwan’s east, in what analysts said signalled a choice between peaceful “reunification” and military violence, just months out from Taiwan’s presidential election.

The new measures, released by the ruling Communist party’s Central Committee and the State Council on Tuesday said the coastal province of Fujian would become a “demonstration zone” for integrated development.

The 21 measures include facilitating Taiwanese people to live in Fujian and access social services, expanding enrolment of Taiwanese students in Fujian schools, and deepening industrial cooperation.

The move is aimed at deepening cross-strait integrated development in all fields and advancing the peaceful reunification of the motherland,” said official state media outlet, China Daily.

In central Taipei on Wednesday, several residents told the Guardian they were not attracted by the proposal. Terry Hung, a 37-year-old pharmaceutical industry worker, said it looked “very risky”.

“I do not want to invest in property in a communist nation, sharing my properties with that government. I do not want to work in an autocratic country because human rights and labour rights are all controlled by the government,” he said. “If one day your opinion does not align with the government’s stance, you will be at risk of arrest or detention.”

Ms Hsieh, a retired teacher, said young people could make their own decisions but “the political environment, the surroundings, etc, in China are so different from Taiwan that the Taiwanese may not adapt”.

Not all were opposed. A young TV production assistant, Shin, said she was interested in the proposals to broaden exchanges for students and for the TV and radio industry.

I believe that any opportunity to promote cross-strait exchanges and mutual benefits is excellent,” she said. “If there is an opportunity I would be interested in going to China.”

Xi Jinping wants “reunification” with Taiwan without war, although he has said he is prepared to use force. The integration plan coincided with the massing of Chinese warships in the western Pacific for what appeared to be major military exercises.

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