Canada: Woman Goes to Hospital Because She Feels Suicidal, Doctors Offer Her Euthanasia

I don’t think it’s hard to tell that this woman has issues

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Strangely, this attitude has become the official policy of the government of Canada.

If you go to the Canadian government and tell them you are feeling depressed and need help, they will say “okay, reddit, lol. kys.”

Is this BASED? 

Christian Post:

A woman who sought psychiatric help at a hospital in Canada said staff made her feel “worthless” by suggesting she end her life through the national healthcare system’s Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) program as the country seeks to expand eligibility to people suffering from mental illnesses.

Kathrin Mentler, 37, went to the Vancouver General Hospital’s Access and Assessment Centre in June, hoping to check herself in to protect herself from acting on her suicidal thoughts. During her assessment, the staff informed the Mentler that there were no beds available and that she should expect to wait a long time before a psychiatrist would be available to see her as an outpatient.

According to The Christian Institute, a clinician then asked Mentler if she had considered MAID. The clinician also spoke with Mentler about feeling “relief” following the death of another patient struggling with mental illness.

“That made me feel like my life was worthless or a problem that could be solved if I chose MAID,” Mentler told the U.K.-based Christian watchdog group.

While the woman confessed that she suffers from chronic suicidal ideation, that hasn’t stopped her from finding joy in life. Mentler also found it strange that the hospital would’ve suggested MAID to her, as people with mental health issues are not eligible for the program until 2024.

Yeah, I don’t think these people are very strict about laws and stuff.

Most doctors in the West these days are just sociopathic drug dealers who either want money, or just feel the need to hurt people.

You’d be better off going to some tribal witch doctor in the Amazon.

The Vancouver General Hospital did not respond to The Christian Post’s request for comment.

However, in a statement to The Christian Institute, the hospital apologized “for any distress caused” and said the offer of assisted suicide is a “matter of procedure” to determine if the patient is a threat to himself or herself.

“Nah, we were just messing with her to see what she would do, lol.”

This “assisted suicide” was only legalized in 2016, as part of Canada’s “rapid liberalism” response to Donald Trump. Seriously, if you go back and look, you’ll see that all of this insane stuff started popping off in 2016-17, and it is definitely the result of some psychological impact that Donald Trump had on them.

They are now just basically telling everyone to kill themselves. It’s second only to the tranny agenda in terms of “unbelievable shit that be happening for real.”

Canada took less than 8 years to go from “incurable illness” and “intolerable suffering” to mostly made up mental illnesses

Here is a Canadian… retail store… telling people to kys