Canada: School Board Purges Library of All Books Written Before 2008

We’ve been saying forever that there will need to be a “year zero” for this revolution, because basically everything in history violates the current “universal morality” created by the “rules-based order.”

That year is going to need to be a lot later than 2008. You could definitely still make tranny jokes, for example, long after that in Hollywood productions. One of those Hangover sequels was one long tranny joke. The Hunger Games films show the bad guys as evil homosexuals. JK Rowling produced several films in the 2010s. I’m sure you can find lots of examples, but those come to mind.

Probably, “year zero” will eventually be in 2020, with everything before George Floyd and the Great Virus Understanding of Governmental Submission being markers of the dawn of a utopia. However, removing everything from before 2008 establishes the concept of a “year zero.” From there, moving the date will be easy.

Global News:

A school board west of Toronto is facing calls to be more transparent about the so-called “weeding” of its libraries amid concerns some books are being removed from collections solely because they were published before 2008.

Students who attend schools in the Peel District School Board say they’ve seen half-empty shelves at their libraries as the school year begins, with some popular fiction texts missing.

The board needs to provide a clear explanation on what has happened, the students say, and share details on how libraries with half-empty shelves will be replenished.

“I’m actually very concerned and I’m very confused,” Saisha Luciani, a 15-year-old student at a Mississauga, Ont., school in Peel Region, said in an interview Thursday.

“These books were resources for students like me to get into universities, to write essays, to do better in school.”

Not anymore, bitch.

Read that book by Kendi X. It’s the only text you need to get into a university.

This is a utopia.

We only know three truths:

  • Black people are superior (gods among us), and the Jews are their protectors (because of the Holocaust)
  • Everyone is gay and a tranny, and the Jews are their protectors (because of the Holocaust)
  • Viruses are going to kill everyone if you don’t do everything The Science tells you to do, and the Jews are The Science (because of the Holocaust)

That’s it. That is the sum of all knowledge.

Everything else is white supremacy.

Ontario’s education minister asked the board this week to put an immediate stop to its weeding process _ which assesses and removes older books _ saying it was “illogical” to remove books from years past that educate students on history, antisemitism or are celebrated classics.

It was just a mistake, supposedly

The board has said older books, regardless of publication date, are allowed in schools if they are “accurate, relevant to the student population, inclusive, not harmful, and support the current curriculum.”

Luciani, other students and an advocacy group made up of concerned Peel school community members said it appears some texts have been removed just for being more than 15 years old, based on new board weeding guidelines that instruct librarians to carry out the process with an equity lens

Reina Takata, a Grade 10 student, said her school librarian recently informed students that books published before 2008 were no longer available since the board implemented its new weeding guidelines earlier this year.

“A lot of my favourite books are published before 2008 and if I don’t get a chance to read them, that’s pretty upsetting for me,” Takata said Thursday while standing outside her school in Mississauga.

“I noticed that ‘The Hunger Games’ is now gone. ‘Harry Potter’ series is gone…Now there are rows upon rows of empty shelves. Why wasn’t our opinion consulted as students?”

Because you’re evil. There is no consulting with evil. Evil must be stamped on with an iron boot.

Snake Baker contributed to this article.