Canada: Family Locked Up, Fined $18K for Having “Expired” Coronavirus Test Results

He said later that he was joking, but we all know he wasn’t

The amount of “crazy police state stories” is too many to count. You can just pick out a few of them, and then realize they are representative of something that is happening across the entire Western World.

Life Site News:

A Canadian mother, who, along with her four children and the children’s grandmother, were each fined $3,000 after Canadian border agents refused to accept the results of their COVID tests — because the results were 2 hours expired — will fight the charges in court if they are not dropped by the Crown.

“We have rights as Canadians and these rights are being violated. I am ready to fight the good fight,” the mother, a registered nurse (RNBN) who works in chronic care, told LifeSiteNews under condition that her name not be published due to fears of retaliation.

“If the charges are not dropped by the Crown, the next step is to set a court date. Our deadline is April 2, 2021.”

LifeSiteNews has created a LifeFunder page for the family to help them defray costs.

LifeSiteNews reported last month how the mother and her family were returning from the U.S. to Manitoba after having attended the 79-year-old grandmother’s medical appointment and visited family.

They all received negative COVID tests prior to crossing the border by car to return home. Due to car trouble, by the time they reached the border, the tests, which have a 72-hour window of validity, were two hours expired. Border agents not only rejected the tests but went on to slap the family with the maximum fine for failing to “comply with an order reguarding [sic] a treatment measure for preventing the introduction and spread of a communicable disease.”

The family was then hustled off to a government-run COVID quarantine facility where they were forced to stay until they could receive additional COVID tests.

The mother related details to LifeSiteNews this week about their stay in the quarantine facility.

“We stayed in the hotel, 3 days and 2 nights. We did our schoolwork, prayed, had zoom dancing lessons, and ate our meals,” she said.

“We were escorted outside once a day for a walk around the property. A nurse came to the room for a wellness/symptom check every morning. Finally, we all received our negative results at 8:00 pm Wednesday, February 17. We needed to wait for the quarantine officer to email a ‘discharge’ note for each of us and this happened quickly.”

“We were so happy to get to go home. We were all still puzzled why we needed to go to the hotel in the first place,” she added.

For the next number of days, government agents, empowered by the Quarantine Act, would call the family to make sure they were compliant with the rules related to quarantining at home.

“They called 6 times a day,” the mother related, “one call for each person.”

“They were very concerned about where the non-traveler, my husband, was living in the house. They kept asking how were we keeping separate, even though we all had 2 negative tests each. They also made one house call where we needed to show ID and answer a bunch of questions again.”

The mother did not sit idle at home. She related how she called the border agents numerous times, asking why her children had been fined and how the children were expected to pay the fines.

“I explained the situation, focussing on how I did not understand how my 9-year-old, or 12-year-old, etc. were expected to pay this fine. Within that week, I received a letter sent by registered mail from the Public Prosecution Service of Canada stating that the ‘the Crown will not be prosecuting your children.’”

The mother said that she wished at the time of the border crossing she had known more about her rights as a Canadian citizen. She would have insisted on the agents respecting her rights.

No one has any rights anymore.

Maybe it’s possible to hassle cops enough that they just don’t bother with you, like the sovereign citizens do when they start telling the cops or the judge how they’re not drivers, they’re travelers, and they don’t need a license to be a free traveler on the land.

Just in general, if you refuse to comply with anything, and claim you have rights, authorities are more likely to let you go and then go harass someone more compliant. But that doesn’t mean you actually have any rights, and it isn’t something that will always work.

Probably, it’s about time for people to stop pretending that they have rights under the Virus Regime, because the whole point of the Virus Regime is that they don’t have any rights.

There isn’t actually any virus. There is the flu, and then there are people dying from heart attacks and cancer or whatever. The entire point of this whole fake pandemic is to dehumanize everyone and get them used to not having any rights.