California Woman Defends UK’s Serial Baby Killer Nurse

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After all, if you can’t kill babies, who can you kill?

It’s for sure lowkey racist to say “it’s wrong to kill people.”

New York Post:

The conviction of baby killing British nurse Lucy Letby might be “the greatest miscarriage of justice” in the United Kingdom, one woman claims.

Sarrita Adams, a California-based scientific consultant for biotech startups with no apparent ties to Letby, is trying to raise money for Letby’s appeal after the murderous nurse was convicted earlier this month and sentenced to multiple life terms in the deaths of seven infants.

Sarrita Adams, alleged “scientific consultant for biotech startups”

Adams is among those who think there were holes in the evidence against Letby, or issues with how it was presented in court, the Telegraph reported.

Statistician Richard Gill, 72, describes Letby’s case as “a trial which would never have taken place if anybody had talked to a statistician.”

Letby, 33, is believed to have tried to kill six additional victims, making her one of the worst child serial killers in modern UK history.

One of the worst?

Who killed more children?

A lot of people want this woman freed, apparently. It’s not clear if they really think she’s innocent, or if they are pro-child killing.

You have to allow people to question convictions. But there is no organization formed in any country to overturn the conviction of James Fields for driving his car wrong.