California Registers First Population Decline Since 1850

Since today is Saturday, we decided to give our readers a treat and sneak in some news that isn’t about trannies.

ABC News:

California’s population fell by more than 182,000 last year, the first yearly loss ever recorded for the nation’s most populous state that halted a growth streak dating to its founding in 1850 on the heels of a gold rush that prompted a flood of people to seek their fortune in the West.

The figures released Friday followed last week’s announcement from the U.S. Census Bureau that California would lose a congressional seat for the first time because it grew more slowly than other states over the past decade. Still, California’s population of just under 39.5 million and soon-to-be 52-member congressional delegation remain by far the largest.

California’s population has surged and slowed in the decades since its founding, with notable increases following World War II and the tech boom of the 1980s and ’90s that put Silicon Valley on the map.

In recent years, more people have left California for other states than have moved there, a trend Republicans say is a result of the state’s high taxes and progressive politics. The average sale price of a single-family home in California hit a record $758,990 in March, a 23.9% increase from a year ago.

And living around these hobos costs well above average

“The numbers don’t lie. People are leaving our state because it’s not affordable to live here,” tweeted Kevin Faulconer, the former mayor of San Diego and one of the Republican candidates hoping to unseat Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in this year’s expected recall election.

But the Newsom administration says California’s population decline is an outlier, blaming it on the coronavirus pandemic that turned everything upside down in 2020.

California has been steadily losing people to other states for years. From 2010 to 2020, about 6.1 million people left for other states and only 4.9 million arrived from other parts of the country, according to an analysis of census data by the Public Policy Institute of California.

But the influx of international immigrants and births outpacing deaths have always been enough to overcome that loss. That changed in 2020.

Yeah – the fake pandemic is definitely part of why people are leaving California. They have the most draconian rules outside of New York.

Unlike New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who is yet to get caught breaking his own rules specifically in a personal capacity, California Governor Newsom has been caught openly breaking the rules.

You realize this: that November 2020 picture of Newsom eating inside without a mask with a group of people who also don’t have masks proved, definitively, that the entire coronavirus fiasco was a hoax. There is no other way to view that event.

At the very least, the fear is fake. He was promoting fear, and yet he wasn’t feeling fear himself.

So, it isn’t any wonder that people want to leave to some place that isn’t hoaxing quite as hard.

But primarily, people are leaving California because it has turned into a third world shithole. If white people liked third world standards, they would move to the third world, where everything is cheaper and you have more freedom. But they don’t.

California has all the negatives of the third world – the violence, the crime, the trash on the streets, the general chaos – without the cheaper prices and increased freedom that the actual third world offers.

A person would have to be insane to want to live in California.