California City Wages Non-Stop Total Jihad Against Small Restaurant

Oh jeez, they fenced ’em.

How you gonna fence people like this?

New York Post:

A California city erected a fence outside a restaurant that has repeatedly flouted coronavirus health orders, a report said.

The fencing was put up Saturday outside Tinhorn Flats Saloon & Grill in Burbank after a court ordered the establishment’s electricity be shut off, according to an NBC Los Angeles report.

The eatery has racked up nearly $50,000 in fines since the start of the pandemic for violating public health orders, allowing outdoor dining at a time when the practice was banned by the county, according to the Los Angeles Times.

A judge on Friday ruled the restaurant cannot reopen without new permits.

The city had previously placed sandbags outside the business in a bid to keep it closed.

But on Tuesday, Lucas Lepejian, the 20-year-old son of the restaurant owner, was arrested for allegedly removing the barriers.

The owner of the restaurant, Baret Lepejian, told the Times he will not pay the fines.

“This has never been about safety or the public. It’s never been about that. This whole thing is about fear and control,” he said.

Of course, in all these stories it is some Slav or Italian fighting back. Or some weird other ethnic group, like Georgians or something.

We’ve yet to see a single person with a normal American Anglo/German last name out there fighting for anything, which is the core problem.

In order for lockdown resistance to work, the masses of people would have to be involved in it, and the masses of people seem to want to go along with anything.

I’ve flat refused to wear a mask, and have told cops to arrest me. Nothing has happened other than a few awkward confrontations.