California: Attorney General Sues School District for Refusing to Secretly Trannify Kids

A school in California just agreed to settle and give $100,000 to a single mother whose 11-year-old daughter was convinced she was a boy trapped in a girl’s body.

Meanwhile, the state is suing schools for not keeping trannification a secret from parents.

The Guardian:

California’s attorney general sued a southern California school district on Monday over its new policy requiring schools to notify parents if their children change their gender identification or pronouns, the latest blow in an intensifying battle between a handful of school districts and the state about the rights of trans kids and their parents.

Rob Bonta, the attorney general, said policies like the one adopted by Chino valley unified school district would forcibly out transgender students and threaten their wellbeing. But the district’s board president and supporters say parents have a right to know the decisions their children are making in schools.

Bonta is seeking a court order to immediately block the policy in Chino valley, a district about 35 miles (56km) east of Los Angeles, which requires schools to notify parents within three days if employees become aware a student is asking to be treated as a gender other than the one listed on official records.

“For far too many transgender children and gender nonconforming youth, school serves as their only safe haven – a place away from home where they can find validation, safety, privacy. We have to protect that,” he said. He argued that the policy discriminates against the students and violates the state constitution’s requirement of equal protection for all.

Both sides are saying “protect the kids.”

Conservatives have no real language to fight back.

The conservative movement on the whole is claiming that trannies are fine, and being a tranny is a real thing, but the problem is just doing it to kids.

But if trannies are real, then it is abuse not to do it to kids. Doing it to a kid is the only time it is logical to do it, because this keeps them from developing the body of the “wrong gender” during puberty.

Basically, the left is fighting a lot harder than the right.