Bronx: 80-Year-Old Man Assassinated by Black-on-a-Bike for No Reason – No Arrests

I’m shocked to see that the Post has published a story about a random black-on-white murder and not included a new euphemism for “nigger.”

New York Post:

Shocking surveillance video captures a “marvelous” 80-year-old man being executed on a Bronx street Sunday by a bike-pedaling gunman clad like a ninja — as the victim’s wife watches in horror.

Marcelino Valerio and his spouse had just arrived home from a Sweet 16 party and gotten out of the car dropping them off when the elderly man was shot dead in front of 1209 Ogden Ave. in Highbridge around 1:10 a.m., according to police sources and the chilling footage obtained by The Post.

Valerio’s killer — dressed head to toe in black, complete with a black ski mask — had ridden up next to him on the sidewalk and shot him twice, including point-blank in the head.

The footage shows Valerio’s wife staggering in shock as two hysterical women rush out of the car and desperately signal around them for help.

Moments earlier, the shooter had been riding past the building in the other direction — apparently waiting for Valerio to arrive — before circling back again when the car pulled up, the footage shows.

The gunman fled on his bike after the shooting and remains at large.

Of course he does.

There are never any arrests.

I haven’t seen an explanation for this current wave of assassination type murders of whites. I guess the simple explanation is just “because they’re black.” But are they doing this as some kind of gang-initiation ritual? Or is it just for fun?

I want to start a polling company. I don’t really think it would be that difficult. I would like to see how many people consider this ongoing wave of black-on-white crime as a racial issue, and how they feel about the blacks.

You could ask really hardcore questions like: “Do you think the death of George Floyd means that blacks should be immune from prosecution for murder?” That’s really effectively what is happening here. Obviously if they get arrested they get prosecuted, but the police just refuse to arrest them.

Like… there’s no way this shooter didn’t have a cellphone on him. They tracked January 6 protesters by their cellphones, and there would be a lot fewer cellphones pinging at 1:10 AM on a random street in the Bronx than there were on January 6. There should also be cops on every corner in New York where this black crime is spinning out of control. It’s not actually impossible to stop this.

Frankly, most metros in America should have the National Guard on the streets at this point.

This “it was worse in the 1990s” bit the media does is on par with the “gender pay gap” hoax. They are totally ignoring where the murders are being committed and who is committing them.

Virtually every major metro has matched or surpassed the 1990 record for homicide, car-jacking, robbery, etc. etc. etc. since the Saint Floyd event in 2020.

The national murder rate is irrelevant, since the violence is so concentrated in certain areas and committed by this small group of people (blacks). We also never had these lootings in the 1990s, nor was the violence so random.

The liberals who keep saying this “not as bad as the 1990s” bit when they are defending the blacks will then publish stuff like this when they are attacking guns:

They just manipulate statistics whichever way they want, but the reality is, I lived through the 1990s, and I never felt unsafe. We stayed out of black neighborhoods, and that was it. Now, in Columbus, Ohio, you definitely risk being shot if you go to the most expensive, trendiest bar district in the city. You can pay $20 for parking, pay $12 for beers, then get shot by a black on the way to the parking lot. There are no cops, because that would be racist. Bouncers are not allowed to tell the blacks to leave, because that would be racist.

No one had these sorts of experiences in the 1990s, in part because the central metro crime rates were simply not as high as they are now, and in part because police and private security were allowed to protect people.

Finally: even if it was as bad as the 1990s, that’s not really a very good argument.