Brazil: Bolsonaro Supporter Gets 17 Years in Jail for Protesting Fake Elections

The Bolsonaro situation is bizarrely similar to the bizarre Trump situation.

The men are almost identical, with the slight difference that Trump had this race thing going on, and Brazil doesn’t really have the race issue. In terms of their general presentations and certainly in terms of their personalities, they are almost exactly the same man.

They were dealt with in the exact same way – through sham elections that resulted in a far-left activist winning the election in a way that isn’t really even good for the power elites. (Biden is running the country into the ground, and Lula is allying with Russia.)

Both had a “revolt” situation in the first days of January after their elections.

Supporters of either man are treated the same way by the respective national courts.

The Guardian:

Brazil’s supreme court has sentenced a far-right fanatic to 17 years in prison for his role in the failed attempt to topple the country’s leftwing government on 8 January this year.

Aécio Lúcio Costa Pereira, 51, a sanitation worker from São Paulo, was the first rioter to face trial for January’s dramatic assault on Latin America’s largest democracy.

The language The Guardian uses in their reports on Jan 6 and Jan 8 is of course identical.

It’s all very strange…

Hundreds more will find themselves in the dock in the coming months to face charges over what the supreme court’s president, Rosa Weber, called Brazil’s “day of disgrace”.

At first I assumed Rosa Weber is a kike, but it turns she’s just a regular white woman

On Thursday a majority of the court’s 11 members ruled that Pereira, a hardcore supporter of the former president Jair Bolsonaro, deliberately sought to overthrow Bolsonaro’s successor, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, when he and thousands of fellow radicals ran riot in Brasília eight days after Lula took power.

Calling for a 17-year sentence, the supreme court’s justice, Alexandre de Moraes, said the “enemies of freedom” deserved exemplary punishment for their “dastardly putschist attack”.

Wow, white women are also the same in every country.


Six of Moraes’s supreme court colleagues confirmed that judgment, to the delight of members of Lula’s administration.

“Long live Brazilian democracy!” tweeted Gleisi Hoffmann, the president of Lula’s Worker’s party (PT). “Let [this sentence] be a lesson to the putschists, because all of the participants, financial backers and masterminds of this coup will be discovered and held to account for these terrorist attacks on our country.”

Also, accusations of secret powerful backers that do not actually exist (beyond the fact that Trump and Bolsonaro were both very pro-Israel).

Weber said the evidence presented to the court showed that Pereira and his fellow rioters stormed the supreme court, presidential palace and Congress hoping to trigger a military intervention to unseat Lula.

“In my view, this mob … tried to abolish the democratic rule of law … in order to depose a legitimately elected government,” Weber said in announcing the verdict on Thursday lunchtime.

It wasn’t legitimate.

Now, catch this bit:

Many in Brazil hope that as well as the rioters, Bolsonaro himself will one day be brought to justice for his alleged role in January’s violence. Critics accuse the far-right populist of inciting the uprising against Lula’s government in an attempt to retain power after losing last October’s election – claims Bolsonaro denies.

I don’t really have a hot take analysis of why these two men and the events surrounding them are so similar, other than it appears to be representative of the times.

Nobody even died here