Blinken to Announce New $1 Billion Package for the Ukraine

What people don’t seem to understand is that the Ukraine is winning the war. The biggest hurdle the Ukraine faces is that people on the internet are saying that they are not winning the war. If they could shut down free speech on the internet, they’d have this war in the bag.

Regardless, with this new billion in aid from the American taxpayer, they may well take Crimea before Christmas – before Thanksgiving, even.

New York Post:

Secretary of State Antony Blinken is expected to announce a new $1 billion aid package for Ukraine during his unannounced two-day trip to Kyiv this week – but only a fraction of the money will go towards military equipment and weapons.

Less than 20% of the assistance — about $175 million — is earmarked to supply the critical munition Kyiv’s defenders desperately need to strengthen their counteroffensive and take back Russian-occupied territory, CBS News reported Wednesday.

Instead, the vast majority of the $1 billion package is expected to support non-military aid, such as economic and humanitarian efforts.

The measly amount set aside for military might comes after experts warned that Ukraine’s Western allies, including the US, have stalled on providing the necessary weapons crucial to the long-awaited counteroffensive, including Abrams tanks and F-16 fighter jets.

“If more had been approved earlier, with fastest training and delivery as a clear priority, Ukraine would likely have been better off today as Russia would have had less time to prepare, and Ukraine would have had more combat power to apply to their objectives earlier,” retired US Major. Gen. Gordon “Skip” Davis, now a senior fellow with the Center for European Policy Analysis, previously told The Post.

News of the new 10-figure package comes just a week after Blinken unveiled a $250 million package of military equipment on Aug. 29, drawn from $6.2 billion of funds discovered after a Pentagon accounting error that overvalued billions of dollars of Ukraine aid.

This is very, very (double very) encouraging, because the Ukraine is winning so strongly.

Along with another billion to turn the tides, the Ukraine is unleashing a secret weapon: female soldiers in combat roles.

The petulant patriarchal Putinists aren’t prepared for pussy power.